Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow for Christmas

The view from the front porch. You can see how deep the snow is as you look at the top of the garage. Methinks I need to get the shovel out or no one will be visiting us.
Kori, snow dog extraordinaire, playing in the snow as he absolutely loves to do. There is no such thing as too much snow for this dog.
The tree in the front covered in ice and snow.
Kori on yet another adventure. Who knows what needs to be rescued from the snow in the back yard but our intrepid explorer will find them.
Am stitching on birthday gifts so can't share a photo but thought you might like to see our latest Christmas time snowfall. Definitely a white Christmas here. The dog is the photo is our 100 lb Chocolate lab up to his nose in the snow. He loves it.
Have a great stitchy day. Marjo

In answer to your comments, we won't stay home, it will be off to work as usual. The roads will be plowed and you drive slow but there is no such thing as a snow day in Alaska. Coming from Georgia it was a huge learning curve for me to even think about driving in it but now I do it regularly. And as to the comment on dogs and snow, this one thinks there is nothing better to plow through the deepest part of snow he can get to. He absolutely loves the snow. Thank you for the sweet comments.


  1. I had no idea that a dog might like playing in snow! But I know *nothing* about snow other than it looks pretty!

  2. Oh, Marjo, what a blast! I so envy you, although I'm pretty sure I'd be weary of it after a while, and I'm doing well to drive a car under normal conditions, much less through that! But it's so, so beautiful. Thanks for the glimpse!

  3. I live in the South....whew, girl! That's some snow there!
    How do you drive in that? I bet your pantry is stocked at all times! lol
    I wish it would snow here and stay that way for about 3 weeks. I wouldn't mind staying home that long and hibernating.
    Those pictures are beautiful!

    Feathers in the Nest

  4. Those pictures are beautiful. Utterly postcard worthy!

  5. Wow what a wonderful sight! We had the same kind of snow storm on the weekend, over 14". It was so pretty, but not very fun to shovel! I'm still hurting from that day.
    Enjoy your snow day, and be careful driving!

  6. Oh my what beautiful pictures of the snow. I can not imagine living where it snows like this. I would freeze to death. lol

  7. It is truely a winter wonderland! Thanks for sharing the pictures - wish we would get some snow for Christmas!

  8. Beautiful! (but I wouldn't want to go out in it LOL)

  9. It's gorgeous, definitely looks like Christmas :-). My puppies love the snow, they are tiny so they hop around like bunnies, LOL.

  10. Muito lindo as mulheres na sala bordando. Compartilhando momentos agradáveis. Feliz Natal a todas

  11. Hey Marjo, can we please trade houses for a year or so??
    Kathy Barrick