Sunday, January 21, 2018

On the road

I hope to do a post while I am visiting Chicago. I am traveling with my husband. I am so excited to be able to see all the new stuff, touch all the fabric and the walls of floss both cottons and silks at one of my favorite shops The Inspired needle.
 I am still stitching on Mary Wigham. I got the frogging all done. I haven’t put the squirrel back in because it took me so long to get it out. I moved onto one of the flowers which is more of just an outline. I will have something to post next time on her.
 I did make it stitch night before I left plus I was able to stitch on the second leg of our trip so I made some progress on Lizzie Kate’s Six Fat Men.

I go to my last installment of sock class tomorrow and get the toe cf my sock done! That will be the first one done. Hopefully number 2 will go faster. I am slower at knitting than I am at stitching and that is scary.
On the book front Crazy Like a Fox by Rita Mae Brown is almost done. There are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  I will be able to get some reading done on our trip since my husband will be busy most of the time. I got two library books Body in the Casket by Katherine Hall Page and Witches Tree by M.C. Beaton. I also brought several from Amanda Lee who writes a cute Cozy series “an embroidery mystery”. I am lost in regards to which ones I have read and which ones I haven’t so will work on that this week. Will start my second sock! I have grand plans for this week. We will see how it goes. Back to Mary Wigham. Hope you find some stitchy time in your day. Marjo

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Progress forward and back

Happy New Year!
This New Year I made the decision to try my best to stitch from stash and focus on my WIP’s. So I have had no new starts and no new purchases from Santa. My goal is to finally get my stitching room cleaned up and functional again. So Mary Wigham is still getting all my free time and 6 Fat Men my stitching group time. No progress on the Lizzie Kate piece as I was sick this week and had to miss stitch night.that particular project has not seen the light of day.

Being sick left me with no energy but I was able do a little knitting. I am working on my first pain of socks. I am so slow at it! My friend, who is trying to teach me is such a fast knitter. I am a trial to her I am sure. Almost to the toe and ready to learn the final challenge the toe of the sock. I am using Malibrugio yarn in color Anniversario.

I just recently started watching Floss tube. I must admit I stayed up really late last night watching several and am totally hooked. Spent today listening to an older Monica Ferris book, Sins and Needles while I frogged Mary Wigham and knitted.

Trying to work out a plan to divide and conquer the absolute mess of my stitching room. I have more stash than I will ever stitch. I have organized most of my fabric, my over dyed cottons and my Belle Soie silks. I still have the other silks, beads to finish. I have gotten a friend to make some bags for me with extra fabric I bought that I will never get around to using. That cleared up some space. I moved a book shelf in there that fit in a closet but it is too small to hold my Needlework books. That is a current challenge. The room is small and there is no wall space for a bigger book shelf. I have so many books and love them all!

I need to go through all the charts and sell off what I no longer love enough to stitch. My WIP list-listed at the bottom right corner of the blog - I still want to stitch all of those and they are rather loosely grouped in bags in the stitching room. So much to do yet!
Well I have been frogging Mary while I wait for blogger to let me load photos of my progress and I still can’t load them so off to bed. Will try again tomorrow. I have been fighting with blogger for a while! I have never had this much trouble before. First I couldn’t get the photos to load and then I could not edit my typos! Too much, blogger! Finally several days later and it can be posted. Hope there is some stitchy time in your day! Marjo

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New in the new year

Ya’ll I am still undecided about what I am going to stitch in 2018!!!!!!! I just can’t make up my mind.
 I can pull several charts I want to stitch from my embarrassingly large stash to come up with a new Start for 2018. But I am torn because I have an equally embarrassing large list of WIP list of things I want to finish. I have so many WIP that I really want to finish that in order to make a dent  in that long list I need to concentrate on pulling work from it instead of starting new things that will add to the WIP list. I know that I want to finish Mary Wigham and 5 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate first out of the work basket. I have other Quakers started that will follow Mary and I will have to pull something from the WIP for a travel piece after 5 Fat Men are finished. Since lighting can be an issue my travel pieces are usually on a bigger count than my samplers and normally smaller in scope. But all that lovely stash just begging to be started! What to do! 2018 its just hours away...... I have got to make a decision. Sigh for now I am back to Mary Wigham and binge watching floss tube. Happy New Year’s Eve my stitchy friends.  Marjo

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Accessories old and new

i love all my stitching tools. Many I have been gifted, many I have purchased. I must admit I love them all but these are some I use all the time to keep my WIP rotation organized.
On my stitching floor frame I keep this cute pincushion gifted by a fellow stitcher. I use this to park my needle in, to keep pins that I use to get knots out of my thread. Love the fabric and design. Next up are my stitching tins. The smallest was a gift and the other two are garage/consignment store finds.
The smallest one holds my small pieces that I use frequently on my day to day stitching.

Needle threader, beading needle, thread end catcher, beading thread, butler brush, decorative thimble, Shepherd’s Bush painted magnet I got on a trip out to Utah. Next up is the medium one which goes in my travel stitching that holds some larger items.

This has scissors, emery, thread, needles, straight pins on a teapot magnet, needle threader and card for floss bits. Next is the holiday tin which holds my ornaments to be stitched. Silent night by LHN is in the hoop. There is a magnet on lid, an old jar (think this was an old Avon jar that a scented cream came in of my Mom’s.)

My favorite pair of scissors when I am not stitching at home.

My newest and most lovely accessory is my new stitching bag. All of my other bags are enormous and I seriously wanted something smaller to carry to my stitching group to force me just to carry no more than 2 projects at a time so I didn’t just go from one to the other with no finishes or lost parts or pieces which has been a terrible struggle for me this year. Trying really hard to get it all under control!

I have a roll-up for my bigger  hoop project (Mary Wigham right now) so I don’t get hoop marks. This is something that I ordered from Attic Needlework. I don’t carry this project because I need good lighting to work on it so this is not a travel accessories. This picture shows the actual colors of my trave bag better than the previous picture does.

I also use a Daylight clip on magnifier and hoops and qsnaps, scroll rods, project bags- so many essentials but these are my favorites I thought I would share with you today. I hope you find lots of stitchy time in your day today. Marjo

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

in which I begin again

Wow, cannot believe it has been so long sine I posted! I wish I could say it was because I was so busy stitching but sadly that is not the case. 2017 has been a tough year on a lot of fronts for me but something made ,me decide today was the day to start again. It all started with computer problems as far as blogging went and from there it was a downhill rush. Brakes are on, back to stitching and blogging!
This is all about my current WIP’s and plans for next year. I have been drawn to pull out an older WIP of my favorite comfort stitch Quaker Mary Wigham is in the hoop.( Please forgive the wrinkles but I literally took it out of the hoop to take a progress picture to post.)
I have no idea when I started this pattern from Needleprint but I love stitching it and pick it up more and more frequently of late. I have just started the middle motif which is a bush sort of design with a large squirrel in the center. It calls for black on the leaves which I spent a bit of time checking because black leaves just looked wrong to me. I am doing this as a reproduction so black they will be but I thought maybe I had made a mistake with the symbol and did a double check. Mary is done on Lakesides linens buttercream (i think) and using a floss conversion by Attic Needlework. I am only on part 2 but I am trying to work on it a little every day.
Next up is my travel piece which currently is Lizzie Kate’s 6 Fat Men flip it patterns which are a fun stitch. They travel with me to my Thursday night Stiching group ( I love those ladies!!!!!). This is on 32 count Amber linen and WDW threads as called for on the Designs. I chose to stitch them all as one but they would be equally attractive as smalls in a snowman bowel or basket.

Those two are the only WIP’s currently getting any stitching time but in my next post I will have some new to me stitching accessories and some plans for 2018 to share. Excited to be back to blogging. Hope your day is full of stitch time! Marjo

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Moving on in the stitching front

Finally the map is done and has reached it's destination. So glad to have that finally completed. It took so much longer than I thought it would. My favorite local needlework framer was able to hand cut a mat to cover all that white and even built a box so I could mail it. The final picture I got is not very clear as she already had it wrapped in plastic to be mailed when I got there to pick it up. But it is done.

Now for the moving on part. I went to my huge WIP progress pile to pull out something small that I could actually finish sometime soon with no pressure attached. I love to rotate projects but with the map I didn't do that for the last couple of years. I am hoping to get back to a rotation as that is the way I like to stitch. But I honestly have no rules about what I stitch. 
So next up from the WIP pile is Little House Needleworks Sheep Virtues. This was a project I was working on before the map project started. It was done by the ladies at Shepherd's Bush as a SAL and they supplied fabric and thread conversion differently than charted. I love it. I originally was trying to do one a month but that changed with the map and it got put aside. I am having so much fun with it currently. I love the colors and the design. 

Just finished Faith last night and started on Simplicity which will put me at the halfway mark. 

I have put a few stitches in Dorothy Walpole Sampler by Scarlet Letter and Rose Quaker but very few.
Dorothy Walpole
I love Quakers and although they seem to not be as prevalent as they once were in designs I have several more to stitch and always have one or 2 going at the same time. Currently I have Mary Wigwam and Rose Quaker in the next to be stitched pile. When I want something different I pull out one or the other to stitch. 
Rose Quaker NPI silks

Mary Wigwam silk conversion by the ladies at the Attic. Design by Needlepoint. 
Reminded that I had not updated the blog in a while so decided to work on it. I find the photo uploads a cumbersome process so not sure if it is blogger or my old laptop. I always enjoy sharing my stitching and seeing what everyone else is working on. Hope you have lots of stitchy time in your day. Marjo

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Map progress and more (photo heavy)

I am pleased to say that the only thing left to add to the map is the personalization and them to get it matted and on it's way to my daughter in love. Better late than never is all I can say. I am glad to be on the downward slope with this large project. I had to change up a few things to suit what she wanted and I am not a designer but I did the best I could and she approved so it's a go. Yes! So I last posted this is where I was. Restitching the coast and state of Alaska so it would be in approximately the correct geographical spot though not completely accurate (the state is much larger and farther up but I was out of fabric) The shadows you see are the pattern lying underneath. Sorry about that.

As I looked at it I realized I had skipped this part for some reason so had to go back and add the critters in the Gulf of Mexico in there. The crabs just crack me up. 
 There is it all finished except for their names at the top. It is done in DMC on 36 ct fabric over 2 threads. It took a half a yard of fabric to stitch it eh way she wanted it to be. Sigh.

This shows some of the detail of the items I had to design for my sweet daughter in love. I could not find anything that would work in all of the books and the magazines so I just winged it. I did find some small animals that would work in Alaska for a moose and a caribou. I didn't have room to add more since there will be some hearts there to represent where they met. This week I will start the personalization. I know what it is going to say and the alphabet and colors are all picked out but I just wanted a break for this weekend. So I picked up some me stitching and got Rose Quaker out. This is something I have wanted to stitch for quite a while but put off till the map was done. I decided to pull it back out this weekend and add a few stitches. 

 I am stitching this on Lakeside Linens Strawflower 40ct with an NPI silk conversion from Attic Needlework in Phoenix, Arizona. I just love it. Makes me happy just to pick it up and add a stitch or two.
I don't know if I ever showed you the few little things I did get stitched as gifts in between times. This is a set of smalls I stitched for my best friend who lives on the East Coast who has a huge bread bowl that she changes out with smalls for the seasons. The top left is Lizzie Kate Hippity Hoppity, the others are all Shepherd's Bush Joy to Ewe, Friends, and Fall Ewe All. They were a fun stitch and I was happy to be finally contribute to her smalls.
 Then another friend who had moved away from here had a birthday and this was a tiny sampler I stitched and got off in the mail to her- late as usual. It was from Kelmscott design that came as a kit. My friend has stitched several samplers and thought she would like this little thing. It was a fun stitch as well. Finishing is not my forte' so don't look too close. The pillows above I sent to a finisher to be done.

Well that is all I have for now. I will hopefully have an update from the Rose Quaker later this week and will post one last picture of the Map when it is matted before I mail it off to be framed by her grandfather.
We have continued to have computer issues that have kept me from updating but I am hoping they are all resolved and I can get back to posting more often. I hope you all have some stitchy time in your day.