Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stitching stuff

I found a new little item to use as a accessory tote around. As I have said before I tend to travel around the room (don't have a particular chair I always stitch in) so I have a couple of little things I use to carry pins and needles, a beeswax and regular thread and whatever else I think I need at the time. I found this one on a website called Country Sampler, a store that has quilts and cross stitch. I followed a link there looking for Blackbird designs quilting things and thought this little French tin was just too cute and of course I had to have it. My header shows the wooden one I usually use and if I am traveling to someone else's house to stitch I sometimes take a basket that works really well as well.
Speaking of baskets I saw the one on Ellen's blog for With My Needle that she is making for her new Nashville release Mrs Waddlelow's Huswif. I cannot wait to see the finished project. I love baskets and particularly if it is a bigger basket where I could carry the project in it as I work on it. Anything to just be able to grab and go to get some stitching time in. I am waiting to see what the added parts are before I invest as I want to get matching fabric and fiber to stitch the set on.  I don't like to stitch the baskets unless they can stand up to use. I like looking at them but I love being able to use them. So much to finish but always planning something else. A weakness, I know.
I have made some gift progress which I can't show yet, never know for sure who is checking in on the blog :) I spent last evening taking out the waves on Sail Away as I messed up the count. I hope to get some stitching time in this afternoon and get that redone and a little bit more added. I refuse to let the frogs chase me away from this piece. I really want a non-gift finish. Hope you have a stitchy week. Marjo


  1. Marjo, your french tin is adorable! I love that you're using it instead of just putting it on a shelf and would love to see what goodies you fill it with.

  2. I just love your French tin. That is perfect for carrying around sewing supplies in!!