Monday, July 5, 2010

Progress, not a lot, but progress

I did not get the time to stitch I wanted to on my day's off last week but I did manage a little bit. I  did  get all the flowers done on the CHS Alphabet border and some fill in continued on the blocks. I could do that while I was watching baseball and while in the car running errands. I could not work on Mary Wigham on Sunday as I was not home and I cannot carry it away from the magnifier light since the count is 45 which is  a challenge for me. I did get some more of the white flower completed late in the evening. I have some problems with some gift stitching I am working on but nothing too bad that getting rid of a few frogs would not take care of.  I am organizing my stitching for the weekend so I will stay on track. I am lucky enough to be off 4 days this weekend and I hope to get some stitching and reading done.
Hope you have time for stitching. Marjo

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  1. I didn't have much time for stitching this weekend. I ended up working on a table runner and knitting a bit. I usually stitch more during the week. A four day weekend sounds like heaven! I know you will enjoy it.