Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something new

Well, new to the rotation even if not new to me. I have decided to pull out some pieces that I bought a while ago from Nancy's Needle that I love and really want to finish. They are done on canvas (as close as I get to needlepoint) with quilt type themes and I love them. I finished a trip around the world a while ago and now I want to do some others to go with it. First I am going to add this one to the rotation as I had started it and never finished who knows why. I think it will be a good drive time stitch as it is larger count than a lot of the other projects I have. Sometimes when we are traveling around the light is not strong enough to do my cross stitch in the car. I want to give this one as a gift to my neighbor who does not read this blog. Hence it is safe to post updates of one of my gift stitching projects.
Along with hedgehogs, I have a fondness for gingerbread men and houses. I therefore had to buy the gingerbread houses that are based on the same them as the Two Cabins. For the Halloween lovers among us there is also Two spooky houses. They are not huge but lots of fun to stitch. I got these all by mail order (what else) already kitted up. I hope to make some progress on this. So much to stitch, so little time.
I hope you have some stitchy time today. Marjo


  1. That does look like a great car project, Marjo! Your neighbor will be thrilled!

    I haven't stitched at all today - hoping to get some time in tonight!

    have a good week, my friend!

  2. It looks like a fun stitch. I can't stitch or do much in the car as I get a bit of car sickness if I do. All that wasted time that could be productive.

  3. What a great thing -- and great idea to have a travel project that doesn't demand good light and stuff. Hope you enjoy the new medium!

  4. Canvas is better on the eyes for traveling!! This will be so pretty!