Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reading and stitching

My two favorite past times to be sure. I love reading mysteries as you can tell from my sidebar of book lists. I check out all the online bookstores for new and upcoming reads, add then to the notes on my phone and am thus armed whenever I make it to the store to be able to get a good book should one cross my path. I love going to the library but due to budget cuts ours is not open on Mondays which is my only weekday off work. I miss it. What more could you ask than a great big room (I live in a small town) full of free books. I love it. Fortunately for me, the librarian loves mysteries as much as I do so I rarely have trouble getting a copy of the latest bestsellers on my list. Fortunately, I can browse the card catalog online and put books on reserve. My husband walks our chocolate lab at the park across from the library almost everyday so he is the only way I can get library books. He loves to read as well so there is no hardship for him to go to the library for me.  When I can't get one from the library or the used book stores I do hit up Amazon or their branch Audible for books to listen to while I stitch or right before I go to sleep. The timer on the IPOD is a wonderful tool for me. I went shopping at Audible yesterday as I knew my husband was going to be working all day today so I would have plenty of new books to choose from for my listening pleasure as I stitch.  They have recently started releasing (or maybe Audible just picked up) the Ngaio Marsh books. I love old mysteries like that and I stocked up. I listed my newest choices in the sidebar listing of Books upcoming to be read. I recently hit up Etsy for an Ipod cover as mine is getting much the worse for wear. I have had it for years and it goes everywhere with me. I have to laugh at myself as I keep a charge cable in my stitching carrier as I would hate to run out of battery and no way to charge it when I have time to listen and stitch. Not your normal needlework basket I guess. Speaking of stitching, time to shut down the computer,  and put on the water for tea and get to work on my stitching. The dog is asleep, my husband is at work and the cat will sleep on my lap so now it is my turn to stitch.
Hope there is peace and at least a little stitching in your day. Marjo


  1. Nothing better than listening to a great book and stitching!! I read a bit in bed before I go to sleep but audio books and stitching...could life get any better?? Happy Stitching....

  2. Hi, Marjo! Just stopping by to see what you're up to. So many good books to read and listen to out there. Does your library have that Overdrive lending library of audio books capacity? You can borrow up to 10 audio books without charge in lots of US towns from their libraries if you have a card that gives you community priviledges. Check it out! I love mine. Deb

  3. Someday I'll have time to get back to reading - I just can't fit in much of that anymore as most of my spare moments go to stitching or quilting. I don't commute much either these days as I work from home 3 days a week so opportunity for audio books in the car. Guess I could listen while stitching but I have too many movies to watch!

  4. Love listening to a book while I'm stitching! It's the best of both worlds!