Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another little finish

I am addicted to the BBD stockings, really I think I am. I find these little things such fun to stitch. They are colorful, they are quick to stitch even for someone like me who is a really slow stitcher. Really, what is not to like. I finished another one Thursday night at stitching group. I have been stalled on stitching them for a little while just because I had picked up a couple of other things, but once I pick them up I can't put them down. As soon as I figure out what I did with the fabric for them I will work on the other 2 stockings for February. These are travel pieces for me. I take them in my work bag as I have to wait a bit for my ride home after I get off work. Not much but a few stitches at a time add up.
I have gone back to stitching on Dorothy Walpole. I just love the colors on this one. I am still just at the top on the alphabet but it is such a great pattern.  I would love to have her as a finish this year.
I am frustrated with needing supplies and not being able to get them quickly. I am stitching a gift for a friend. I was done with the stitching and washed and ironed it ready to put the beads on and take it to the framer in time for her birthday. I made it to the very last small section and there were not enough of two of the colors of beads. Reason number one why I rarely buy kits. Now I will have to order those beads and wait for them to come in the mail.  That means it won't be ready by her birthday. Sigh. I really miss being able to just drive to a LNS and get what I need. Oh well, I am lucky to have great online stores to order from that will send me even just a couple packs of beads when I need them. I can't wait to get them as I really want to get this piece framed and delivered. I won't post a picture until she gets it but I will eventually post something.

Hope you have some stitchy time in your day. I am off to work on Sally Munro.


  1. I'm stitching my first BBD stocking and like you, I'm really enjoying it. I really like this stocking finish in today's post.

    Very frustrating with kits that aren't generous with their supplies. I haven't bought a lot of kits because of this kind of feedback I've heard from other stitchers.

  2. I finally gave in and bought some of the BBD stocking patterns awhile back..looking forward to some quick finishes like yours! I'm sure it must be frustrating living so far from an LNS. I get frustrated even when I have to drive 40 miles to the LNS...not many places carry beads near me. Sometimes it's easier to just order them online and they're at my house in a few days generally.

  3. Pretty stocking
    I love these too and have finished off two so far

  4. What a sweet stocking! And I love the little sampler in the background, too!

    I hear you about not having a LNS. It is frustrating to need something and then have to wait for it. It's especially annoying when the color that you ordered isn't what you enticipated. Been there, done that too often!

    I've sure your friend will understand about the delay and I know she will be delighted by her gift!

  5. The BBD stockings are cute. I can imagine it would be frustrating not to have a LNS.

  6. Marjo - I missed your finish of the Trenner Darning sampler - congrats on that - it is beautiful! The little BBD stockings really are fun - Yes its a big drag not to have a LNS any more but I have finally (almost) grown accustomed to ordering online and having to wait XX number of days to get something. My dad stitched Rachel Hyde for me a few years ago - I love looking at her - I hope you enjoy stitching that one too. Melody

  7. Your stocking & the Darning Sampler are lovely, congratulations

  8. I just love those little stockings. Wonder why I can't get myself to pick one up and stitch it!? LOL Too much reading and writing, I guess. I need to get back to my stitching. Nicole Neville is moving back to FL and we're best of friends, so I know she's going to be on my case to start again! LOL Love your work. It's been too long since I've stopped by. I'll be back again sooner! Deb/LavenderRoseRamblings

  9. I can easily understand that you love the BBD stockings. I do, too and I bought all the patterns but haven't started on them yet. Maybe next year when my Anniversaries will be finished.
    I've had the same experience with kits - not enough threads, not enough beads, and sometimes a fabric that I don't like. I usually don't buy kits anymore but sometimes a design is only available as a kit.

  10. I like the little stockings so much, I have stitch the halloween stockings, it's a great work. Also I saw your Trenner Darning sampler, I fall in love with it, is's so beautiful!
    Keep stitching, greetings Riet.

  11. I just love those BBD stockings - they are such fun little projects to stitch up. And I am with you, it's so frustrating to run out of something and not be able to just go somewhere local to pick it up!