Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have been busy for the last while as you can tell from my lack of posting to my blog. I have taken a new job, gone to the lower 48 for training and come back to Alaska to start the job and stitching all the time. I have been stitching on the Hummingbird design for the last several months, I am totally afraid if I put it down I will never touch it again.  This is the progress from this weekend.
I still have a good bit more to do on it but I am making progress. I am leaving the backstitching until the end so I can do it while watching TV.

I did get all my pictures back from the framer. I will post pictures of them next time.

Hope there is lots of stitchy time in your day. Marjo


  1. Pretty stitching. Looks like you are making wonderful progress!

  2. Marjo that's a beautiful piece!! Keep it can do's looking like you're getting close to a finish. :) Good luck with the new job.

  3. Congratulations on the new job! You're making good progress. I have no doubt that you'll finish it.