Wednesday, February 6, 2013


one weeks not so progress
It just doesn't pay somedays for me to even pick up needle and thread. Every Stitch I put in last weekend had to come right back out, every single one. Sigh. The main project had to be entirely removed and then I picked up a smaller piece and realized I had made a mistake on the first part of it so it all had to come out. All of it.  So there was no Monday stitching report because there was nothing to report. A few choice words but I try to be careful about that stuff.
At any rate this weekend went a bit better. I was feeling under the weather so I didn't spend as much time stitching as I usually try to do but at least there was some progress to report.
I am happy to say as January is coming to a close my projects are rotating the way I wanted them to. I had not done a rotation last year as I usually do and it feels good to get back into it this year. I am particularly pleased with the Thursday night stitching.

Stitch of the month 
 I pulled out a few, well several unfinished projects from EGA classes I have been a part of to work on Thursday nights. These are partially completed projects that were group projects, stitch of the month projects or SAL that I just did not complete for one reason or another. So I have them all ready to go and I have so far completed 4 bands on the Stitch of the Month Pulled and Drawn thread sampler one of the members designed for us and have 2 more kitted up ready to go. Progress for the sampler. This is done on a unknown fabric in Potato with DMC 8 and 12 Perle cotton. There are accents of ribbon from Threadgatherer and varigation fiber from Caron. Just a touch of color. I think I will make this into a bell pull.

Next up is a long and narrow sampler that was out of NeedleArts Magazine with the called for DMC done on stitching band. I will work on this after I finish the Stitch of the month is finished. I only have a couple of bands left before I move to the third piece.  The third one is a crewel work piece that was a group project. These are all highly portable and fun to work on. So I have at least 3 to 6 months worth of Thursday nights stitching with my friends planned out and so far I am having a lot of fun with it.
EGA sampler
Bluebird Trail by Crossed Wing Collection

This week was a long languishing project from the Stitching WIP pile, Bluebird Box from Crossed Wing Collection. There is a lot of gray and brown in the box and I am not done yet but I made good progress this week. 

My Yazzi travel bag broke all it's zippers this week so that is currently a dillemma to figure out. I will have to find something that can hang out in the car and survive to keep my stitching projects in. I wonder if that was a problem with those bags and that is why you don't see them so much on the market. It is disappointing to say the least.

Off to work on this week's rotation piece. WIll update soon. Hope you have some stitchy time  in your day.


  1. Pulling out every stitch you'd stitched had to have hurt at least a little bit. I know with me, if I don't pick it out before I put it away that the project will stay tucked away far longer.

    It sounds like you have a solid plan for your rotation and will be finishing up some WIPs/UFOs this year!

  2. Hate to pull those stitches out, but it happens! I'm glad your rotation is working and you're on track for some great finishes soon!