Friday, October 10, 2014

Denali in the Fall

Every year we try to visit Denali National Park in the Fall. Having lived most of my life where there are 4 seasons it was a  huge change to come somewhere that has very lopsided seasons with Winter being the longest and Spring and Fall lasting a short time if we are lucky..some years they have lasted less than a week. There is not much easing in and out of our winters but summer is almost always worth it. For me to get my color fix for Fall we tend to head to the Mountain.
We were able to stay at a different hotel this year. We were lucky enough to win the road lottery so we could drive our car through and linger wherever we wanted to as we drove. We have won the road lottery many times and we never get tired of the drive. Always something beautiful to see.

We realized too late that we had forgotten our flashlights and realized that we probably needed to make more noise than we normally would as we walked in the pitch black back to our hotel room at night. Since the hotels cater to the tourists parking is not well provided for and we often have to park far from our room no matter where we stay. We are some loud sober people walking back to the room when we can't see what is out there with us.

This grizzly was asleep outside the building at the stop we made at Toklat River. I say building but in reality it is a large tent right on the river where there is a ranger and a small bookstore (we always hit all the bookstores). He was far too close for comfort for me and we looked at him from the car after this picture was taken. He on the other hand seemed totally oblivious of all the people gawking at him and was more interested in digging up roots to eat. Thank goodness.
A glimpse of Denali as we were driving back towards it.
 This artwork is in the Visitor's Center at Denali. I love the texture to it. There is a large wolf pack in the park and the place where the artist in residence stays during there time there is near where the pack is frequently seen.

 There is a large kennel of dogs for the dog teams that pull the sleds for the Rangers as they travel throughout  the park in the Winter. This is the latest new pup. He was cute but not interested in posing for the camera. He was isolated from the other dogs and hanging out with his mom.
Another bear we passed along the way. Eating of course as it is close to time for their hibernation.
 This picture was taken with my phone so not the best capture of a rainbow. I could actually see if as a full end to end rainbow but could not get a full picture. It was a nice end to our trip. Look forward to the next one as always. 

I always take my stitching along but am usually too tired to do much stitching. I hope however that your days are full of stitchy time. 

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