Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ready for Retreat

I am so ready to go on retreat. We have all day Friday, all day Saturday and over half a day Sunday to stitch. It is a wonderful place and in my humble opinion, my stitching buddies are just the best for sitting around stitching with. We are all different ages and we all stitch different types of designs with actually little overlap of designers and designs. I love seeing what everyone else is working on which is why I love reading blogs about stitching. I will spend the next few days deciding which projects I will take. I almost always take something new to stitch on. Not necessarily a new start but a WIP that has not seen light of day for a long while. I know I will take Where the Heart Blooms by BBD as I am nearing completion with that one. My new old WIP will probably be Drawn Thread Alphabets. I will probably take a small project I might could finish. Not sure what that would be. I will probably take the Sail away and CHS alphabets even though I won't be able to work on all of them but you never know what mood will strike and you can't just go to the stitchy room and get something else. It is the standard joke with my buddies that I bring enough for everyone to stitch on if necessary. Must be prepared. I will try to add some pictures of the projects that make the cut.
This will be great after the last two weeks at work full of overtime and stressful situations. Like I said, I am SO ready to go.
Have a great stitchy week. Marjo


  1. Enjoy the retreat, Marjo. I am so envious! I can't wait to see what you decide to bring and what you decide to work on!

  2. Have a great time - it's well deserved!

  3. Hope your retreat is all and more than you're dreaming about! They are sooo much fun! Keep us up on all that's happening, Marjo!! Hugs, Deb

  4. Have fun and take lots of photos for us!