Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny Sunday afternoon

It took me, a southerner for almost all of my life, a long time to get used to winter in Alaska. The first time I tried to drive my husband to work in the snow I cried. He so thoughtfully shared that memory with me this morning as we were contemplating our plans for the day. It has snowed in spurts here the last couple of days and we have quite a bit of snow out and about. Where once I quailed at the thought of driving in it- convinced I would go off the road and be stuck forever and freeze- now I will drive in almost anything and laugh at myself and my earlier fears. Today is a beautiful day full of sunshine and still freezing temperatures. The blue sky and sunshine makes up for me the falling temps. I realized yesterday driving home from work that in Alaska (unlike Georgia where I grew up) you celebrate spring with the addition of light to your day as opposed to the blooms on the flowers or trees. Don't get me wrong, Alaskans are all about flowers and many people have greenhouses in order to be able to plant ahead as frost won't be gone until much later here but all summer long flowers there will be. Currently we are up to not quite 11 hours of daylight from a low where I live of 5 hours 27 minutes. Our peak daylight for the area will be 19 hours and 22 minutes. Other parts of the state will get more light and some less.
On the stitching front I have spent more time cleaning my stitching room up than I have with needle and thread but DH and the Kordog are out to walk through the white stuff and I am settling in for some stitching time. Hope your Sunday was bright and you got some stitchy time. Marjo


  1. It must have been quite an adjustment for you to move to Alaska. It's funny since I just assumed you'd always been there when I saw you on the boards. Thanks for telling us about the hours of daylight up there -- I've always been curious about that. You must be an expert snow driver now! I still quail at it myself. Even though we get a good amount around here!

  2. Glad you had a blue sunny sky today. It makes all the world of difference!

    Where in Georgia did you grow up? What a big change for you.

  3. Georgia to Alaska must have been quite the move! Sounds like you adjusted and are doing fine now! How long have you been there?

  4. I love your photos. My dad lived in Alaska for awhile as a child, and he has often mentioned the daylight (or lack thereof) while he was living there. It is such a beautiful state.