Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stash is not always for stitching

In the mail today came some threads I had ordered when Hedgehog Handiworks had a sale on along with a book I have wanted for a while and I can't resist a book on sale. I have actually read this bok from our library but had long wanted a copy of my own. It is British Embroidery Curious Works from the Seventeenth Century by Kathleen Epstein. But for me stash is not always stitching stash. I seem to have taken to collecting tea as I collect needlework.
Every Thursday night my stitching group gathers for tea and stitching. Yes, we always have tea. I do not have easy access to the tea store in town due to the hours I work so I buy off the internet for my tea sometimes. While searching tea on the internet I came across the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle Washington. Now, I have never been to the shop but I have ordered their tea products and thus far have not been disappointed. Today several lovely tins of tea came in the mail and the hot water is on to heat to enjoy some of these lovely treats. I would like to make it to the shop as their tea menu, that came along with the order, sounds so fun. We really ought to take a road trip. I was pleasantly surprised to find free little tin of a tea called Orange Creamsicle they included in my order as it had been delayed. I wasn't worried and it was really nice of them to include the little freebie. This will have to go in the basket for retreat for something new to try. I love the packaging on their tins. So let's put the kettle on and stitch something. Hope you have a day full of stitching. Marjo


  1. I'm not much of a hot tea drinker but those tins are just adorable! The shop you purchased from is so customer service oriented.

  2. Those tea tins are so pretty! Let us know how the tea is!

  3. I think I'd start drinking tea just to get those tins! We're boring around here - most of our tea comes in boxes. And I know what you mean about stashing not necessarily being about stitching. I love buying books too - and have far too many of them!

  4. Oh, I'd love the tea just for the tins! That book looks interesting too!