Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sail Away progress

This is where I left off and this is where I got to after last weekend. I am volunteering at an event this afternoon and my husband at a different one this evening so I hope to make even more progress today on this. I love it but am ready to move on to some of my other loves. I think I will get the Jill Rensel mats for this one and the frame listed. I just love the decorated mats.  Will wait until I am actually finished to ponder that any further. I will work on this until it is finished.                                                                                                  

 I have gotten the fabric I needed to stitch one of the gifts for the May birthdays in my stitching group and need to get stitching on that but I am afraid it won't be this weekend. I know Sail away will get the majority of my time.
I had some questions about the biscornu. I did do my own finishing. I find them easy to finish which is saying something as finishing is always a challenge for me. These pieces don't seem to be hard to me so I enjoy them. I like using beads along the seam but didn't have any beads in the bright purple in this design. This particular design was stitched over one on 28 or 32 lambswool with DMC as charted.
As soon as I finish Sail Away it will be back to CHS Alphabets and the FAS. I have to find my bigger q-snaps for that one as I haven't stitched on it for a while and I don't store anything with q-snaps in place.
I still love the Gloriana Dried Pink Roses I chose for this design. The fabric is Elegant Bean. Hope you have had a stitchy week and find time for needle to thread this weekend. Marjo


  1. Love your Sail Away progress! And yes, I love the color you chose for your FAS -- so soft and pretty! I used Elegant Bean for mine too!

  2. You really made some progress on Sail Away. Looks good! Jeannette

  3. Hi Margo,
    I LOVE the color combination of the Dried Pink Roses silk and the Elegant Bean linen. Beautiful!!!
    Nice progress on Sail Away.

  4. Sail Away is looking lovely, great progress