Monday, May 31, 2010


Finally a finish. I finished Sail Away yesterday prior to going out to dinner and fellowship with some friends. I thought I was done the night before when I got the last row of flowers in but as I was checking the design top to bottom, I found I had missed several spots of stitches that needed completion like the flag pole on top of the house and the socks and shoes of the little girl. Must be a southern thing, always barefoot.  I had just a few minutes to stitch before bed last night and have almost finished a motif on Mary Wigham. I think I will focus on her for a while.
I joined the Summer SAL on the Blackbird group on Yahoo. Not sure why other than I have tons of BBD that I really want to stitch. I have never been able to keep up with a SAL although I love the concept. I decided to do Beneath the sunlit sky as I am missing the beach badly. I have a thing about herons and this design features one so it just seemed to be the right piece. I pulled the threads yesterday and had purchased the linen when I bought the pattern. It is a lovely green shade. I can't wait to get some time to stitch. I will post some pics when I get a decent start on it. Sorry about the glare - it is cloudy here and I just can't get a decent shot.

And lastly I wanted to share with you a cute little clock I found to use as it seems no matter where I sit to stitch in the living room I can never see the clock. Since I love tea I thought this was the perfect ornament for wherever I was going to stitch. It was at a little consignment shop here in town. I love it.
Hope your Memorial Day was great. I had to work part of the weekend so it was a short weekend for me but I did manage to get some stitching time in which was fun. Hope you have some stitching time this week.  Marjo


  1. Congratulations on finishing Sail Away! Good thing you went back and checked it top to bottom - I am sure I wouldn't have done that and would have noticed the missed stitches after I got it framed. Mary Wigham is going to be thrilled that you're going to spend some time with her for a while - she's lovely! BTSS was a fun stitch and you'll enjoy working on it; can't wait to see your progress.

    The clock is wonderful!

  2. Congrats on the finish! Love your Mary Wigham too. Hope you have fun with the BBD SAL. Love the little clock too! It's definitely a necessity to be able to see a clock when stitching -- this one is a gem!

  3. Nice finish! I laughed out loud at the barefoot comment. Probably because I can relate!

    I can't imagine I could keep up with a Stitch a Long so I don't do them. Deadlines with fun things kind of make me nuts.

  4. So great Marjo! Love Sail Away, and I'm really glad you finished it!
    I also love the new start. I've always admired this BB sampler, but I didn't buy the chart. I'll look forward to your progress!
    Take Care.

  5. Congratulations on your finish! It's really pretty! Your MW is turning out good too, what threads are you using? I just finished Beneath the Sunlit Sky and that was a fun stitch.

  6. Congratulations on finishing Sail Away, it's gorgeous.

  7. Great finish, Marjo! I love your start on Mary Wigham and hope you show her to us often.

  8. Sail Away is so beautiful. Congrats on finishing it! I hate it when I think I'm done and end up finding missed spots, but I guess it is better to notice them BEFORE framing. :)

  9. Way to go Marjo! It is always a good feeling when you finish something, especially a project that takes a long time. I love the little clock too!