Saturday, October 30, 2010

Retreat with no snow

Could it be? The TNTSL's (my stitching group -  thursday night tea and stitching ladies) decided to move retreat up to a non snow time to see how it would be. We met for lunch on Friday and had lunch at our usual diner in Palmer. Betty, one of the adventurers among us took us to a new store that was jam packed with quilts, clothes and candles etc. It was a great store and none of us could believe we had missed it all these years. Didn't buy anything but got some great ideas of things to do decorating wise ( such as it is here). We made the rest of the trip to the bed and breakfast. The owners were there to welcome us and we quickly unloaded our stuff, our stitching the food and settled into stitching. Several of us have retreat pieces. They are pieces that usually get the most stitching done at retreat for whatever reason. I always take way more than I could ever stitch in 3 days. But I enjoy having something to choose from because if I really mess something up, the joy disappears and it goes back to the WIP pile until I can face it again. I took CHS Alphabets, Blackbird designs Beneath the Sunlit sky and some smaller things I wanted to work on. I spent most of the time on CHS Alphabets but progress is slow for me. I am a very slow stitcher but I don't worry about it.
The sun shined on us and we loved every bit of it. The food was great, company is always good and we got to enjoy stitching outside and soaking up some much needed sun. I stayed a little later as my house was empty so I camped on the porch for the afternoon stitching in the sun. It was great. Having the sun was wonderful but I will be honest with you, getting together with the TNTSL's is the best for me and I don't care what  time of year or where we meet I love my stitching group. They are the best. Retreat was in September back to back with our annual trip to Denali. Wonderful time with both trips.
Hope you have some time for stitching.


  1. It sounds wonderful! Can you believe I've never been to a retreat of any kind? I think I'm missing out on something!

  2. Looks like a lovely place to relax, stitch and enjoy good company!