Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Meanderings (picture heavy, no stitchy pics)

I absolutely love Alaska in the Summer. This summer we have been blessed with mostly sunny days and warm temps to go with it. (No, it is not always warm with the sun shining here. Just step into the shade and you need a jacket). This is the summer we have missed the last several years so I am loving it. This weekend we were out a bit running errands and so this is non stitchy pics of flowers and places we found as we meandered....
This is from the ADN (local paper) sent in by a local. Even the moose are having to find ways to deal with all that sun. 

unexpected view of Cook Inlet as we walked

Resolution Park, we had never seen it before

Anchorage is well known for the lovely flowers that are everywhere this time of year

Another view of Cook Inlet from Resolution Park

Snow City Cafe a fun place to eat

Hope you enjoyed a taste of Alaska on a wonderful Summer day. The clouds cleared off completely, the sun is shining and will be for several more hours YES!!! and I am off to stitch. Hope you are having a great day and have at least a little time to stitch. 


  1. Lol at the moose in the pool! Just how did it get in there anyway ~ and how did they get it out!?!

  2. That moose must have been quite a surprise for the pool owners. :) I really enjoyed the pictures!