Sunday, December 31, 2017

New in the new year

Ya’ll I am still undecided about what I am going to stitch in 2018!!!!!!! I just can’t make up my mind.
 I can pull several charts I want to stitch from my embarrassingly large stash to come up with a new Start for 2018. But I am torn because I have an equally embarrassing large list of WIP list of things I want to finish. I have so many WIP that I really want to finish that in order to make a dent  in that long list I need to concentrate on pulling work from it instead of starting new things that will add to the WIP list. I know that I want to finish Mary Wigham and 5 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate first out of the work basket. I have other Quakers started that will follow Mary and I will have to pull something from the WIP for a travel piece after 5 Fat Men are finished. Since lighting can be an issue my travel pieces are usually on a bigger count than my samplers and normally smaller in scope. But all that lovely stash just begging to be started! What to do! 2018 its just hours away...... I have got to make a decision. Sigh for now I am back to Mary Wigham and binge watching floss tube. Happy New Year’s Eve my stitchy friends.  Marjo

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  1. Why not work on Mary Wigham for an hour or so and then a new start for the same amount of time? Just a thought!