Sunday, February 21, 2010

Very little stitching

Work has taken me away from stitching much over the last couple of weeks. This is my weekend to work so needle will not meet thread until tomorrow when I am off. I had been gift stitching so no pictures of that as I have not been able to actually gift the item yet.
It is time for our Spring stitching retreat and I cannot wait. I absolutely love going off with my stitching buddies and spending some serious time stitching. And while the stitching may be serious as we go in search of the elusive finish little else about the weekend is serious. We laugh and relax and stitch. It is absolutely the best thing I do for myself short of my once a year trip "outside" with my best friend.
It seems we each have a piece that becomes the piece we take to retreats to work on until completed. Last retreat several folks finished their pieces so I am looking forward to what ever one will be working on. I have decided to use FAS as my retreat piece. I love it and the color is a very nice shade of Gloriana called Dried Roses. I look forward to getting back started on it. Along with that I will take Sail Away, CHS alphabets and one other yet to be decided. I always take way more than I can stitch on but you never know what will be crying out for attention.
I have already made meal decisions, picked out my pieces to work on and thought about what clothes I want to pack. I am ready....
I hope this weekend finds you with plenty of time for stitching. Marjo


  1. Your FAS is beautiful -- I love the color you chose! Have a great time on your retreat. A perfect time to have fun with friends and stitch away the hours!

  2. Love that piece! Do have loads of fun at your retreat!!

  3. I really love this project. The border is wonderful and your choice of silk is fantastic! Love it!