Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moving on...with my stitching

Stitching time has been at a premium lately but try to get at least a few stitches in. Looking forward to the weekend and some serious stitching I hope. I need to get stitching on my BBD stitch a long as well as finish some birthday gifts for some stitching buddies. I hope to spend Sunday working on Mary Wigham. I am stitching her with the conversion to Belle Soie from the Attic Conversion. In looking at the original on the Needleprint blog site I don't think I am using the right blue for the motif I am working on. It is way too dark. I will have to check my stash and see if I have any lighter blue to use. I may have to pull that out so I will work around it for now. There are some bright colors in there and it just makes me smile to think of the young ladies choosing the colors for their designs.  I probably wouldn't have chosen the same ones but I love them in the reproductions.
I have listened to some good mysteries this last week or so. I finished the series by Deborah Morgan about an antique picker set in Seattle. I have enjoyed them a lot. I have listened to all 5 of them and really liked them. I love mysteries and these were a great addition to the read pile.
I hope to get  a few stitches in CHS alphabets as I really want to get that finished as well. It is easy to stitch in the car and on the road so I am sure I will pull it out to go as I think my husband wants to go out for a little shopping tomorrow. I am hoping to do a block a week on the CHS Alphabets so I can get it finished by the end of the year.  It is easy to stitch while watching TV so hopefully I can get some progress on it this weekend. I have so much in my WIP pile that I really want to get done that I need to concentrate on some finishes so that list goes down a little bit.
I will spend the rest of the week to get the gifts done for my stitching buddies. I am enjoying stitching these. I will try to take them to work so I can get a few stitches in over my lunch half hour when I can.  So much to stitch, so little time. Well the sun is shining. I am off to get a cup of tea and head to the front porch chair to soak up some is not quite 60 degrees here but the sun is shining. I spent yesterday working on Beneath the Sunlight sky out stitching by the  River, lots of sunshine and no bigger wildlife than the birds. Perfect. Hope your day is full of stitches where ever the perfect place for you is.  Marjo


  1. Stitching time is at a premium here too. It's the summer for me that does it. Your BBD piece is looking good. I've never been into mysteries, but maybe I should try these.

  2. BTSS is looking really pretty, Marjo! Don't you just love the pink house? Can't wait to see a progress pic of Mary Wigham and your CHS alphablocks. Good luck with your stitchy plans/goals - I'm never very good at setting them!

  3. This week I've not done much stitching. I have some frogging to do and that is always kind of a downer. I need to just do it. It sounds like you have a lot going on.

    Sunny and 60 degrees sounds heavenly to me. It brutally hot and humid here.

  4. Hope you get a fair bit of stitching time this week! Love your BBD piece and I am looking forward to seeing your progress on Mary Wigham :-).