Monday, January 31, 2011


Since there were many comments from people who had not heard of the term "stitcherama" I thought I would do a quick post to try to explain a little better.
Stitcherama is a word coined by Thea Dueck for her new form of class teaching to be able to accommodate many people to attend a class in the privacy and comfort of their home but still with the classroom feel to it. You can sign up for the featured project through the Victoria Sampler website and then join a Yahoo group to discuss the project and then a real time webcast where you can write in and ask questions and make comments that everyone in the class can read. So even in your bedroom slippers you can attend class, have all your tools that you usually use at your disposal and ask all the questions you want to ask the teacher or others about the project and the finishing. Part of the teaching is done by special videos for specialty stitches that are then made available after the webcast to replay as many times as you want to get the hang of new to you stitches or techniques. The webcast is real time so Thea is there teaching while you are watching, a little like a one way Skype conversation. The participants have to type in their questions but I didn't find that a problem as we had 3 hours for 2 days to ask questions.  There were people there from all over the world and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got my kit ahead of time with instructions on layout and pre-stitching.  There were lively discussions, scheduled breaks and previews for new designs or for other teaching designs in the stitching stage. I thought it was a great idea. You can go to the Victoria Sampler Website to see the available classes and sign up that way.  After the class the discussions continued on the Yahoo group.
Hope this answers all the questions a little better. Thanks for checking in and back to stitching. Marjo


  1. That sounds wonderful! I knew Thea had online classes, but this must be a new thing. So cool! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the explanation!

  2. This sounds really neat! I'll check into it. Thanks for the explanation1