Monday, January 31, 2011

That's a keeper

I was only able to attend one day of the Stitcherama put on by Victoria Sampler but I can't tell you how much fun I had. I was able to stitch along and read all the real time posts and comment along. Along with very clear video snips of specialty stitches that you can replay to your heart's content I was able to gain a lot just from tips Thea shared while teaching. I learn by seeing and then doing much better than from reading directions so it was great for me.  Of course getting to see up coming pieces in the works was an added bonus. I know some folks had some technical difficulties but I was lucky to have had no problem at all. I would do it again in a heartbeat and will listen to the recast available more than once while it is available. Fun for those of us who generally have to make a long and expensive trip for a class. Great alternative in my opinion and while I would rather take the trip that is not always possible with either work or time or financial constraints.
Hope you find some stitchy time in your day, Marjo


  1. Marjo, what a very interesting way to be able to participate! I didn't see anything about it anywhere. Can you direct me to what I missed so maybe I won't miss it again?!

  2. It sounds like a fun time! What a beautiful project, too. I can't believe how far along you are on CHS Alphabets! WOW!! You go girl! :)

    I was talking about you the other day to DH... we have been captivated by a show on the BBC about Alaska. It is SO pretty.

  3. Wow, that's so cool! I hadn't heard about this event either! Sounds wonderful!

  4. apparently many of us are in the dark about the VS Stitharama - sounds like a great thing to participate in. Off to peruse thea's website. Good luck with your CHS Alphabet - it is coming along beautifully. Melody

  5. Sounds like lots of fun!!!! The project is so pretty too :-).