Monday, January 3, 2011

Now where was I ?

with CHS Alphabets?  Actually since this picture was taken I have finished the wording on Y and working on the hive on that letter. Down to three letters and the fill in at the bottom. It will still be a while before I am finished with this.
 Mary Wigham is still on page one. I have not touched it since my trip to California and Pennsylvania. I look forward to starting back working on her. I love the colors they are a great combination and look so much better than the picture.
 I apologize for the lousy picture of this one Beneath the Sunlit sky. The color is no where near accurate but it is dark here and today it is overcast. Plus I should have ironed it. Guess I will have to change the date on this one. I love the soft colors of this one as well.
 This is a piece I did work on while I was away. My sister asked me a long time ago to stitch this particular design. I could just never get myself to work on it. This piece has a bunch of half stitches. I decided this will be my "strand a day" project in the hope of someday getting it done. She has already mailed me a second kit to stitch for her. I need to get busy.
This year I want to stitch more ornaments. They will be my Thursday night stitching with my buddies projects once I finish CHS alphabets. This is one I started a long time ago and poor Santa has languished in the tin every since. I just have the wording and the bottom border and it will be done.

Hope you have some time for stitching. Marjo


  1. I really do like your WIPs. The colors are so pretty. This will be the year for finishing!

    This year I'm "planning" to stitch from stash and will try to finish a few of my many WIPs, as well.

    Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!

  2. You have plenty of options to stitch (-:.
    I didn't stitch much ornaments but I like them very much.

    I hope you have a great 2011 with lot of finishes!

  3. Nice WIPs! I need to work on a strand a day. Once I get started, I end up doing more!

    Probably more stitching starts for me this year than finishing but I'm a fairly new stitcher. It'll be fun!

  4. Lots of good WIPs there! Fun to see them all together. Good luck finishing them all.

  5. You were making me want to get the supplies out for the Alphabet piece and change my whole rotation :-). Love it. Gorgeous WIPs!!!!

  6. All your WIPs are beautiful. You are so close to finishing the CHS alphabet piece.