Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Market already

Have you been reading all the previews for Market already? It seems this time that there are way more previews than there used to be. I enjoy it as it allows me to shop ahead as I don't have a local store to be able to see the items. This way I get to peruse the pictures and look at the lists for floss and fabric. This is really the only kind of shopping I like to do besides maybe the antique or consignment stores.  I mostly buy  samplers now but there are a lot of pretty things being previewed.
I have mentioned before that the counted canvas appeals to me for a change of pace. The latest one to be released at Market By Nancy's Needle is Quilt Market and that will have to go on the Wish list for sure. Especially after my recent trip to Amish country. I have purchased from her online shop a couple of times and I highly recommend it for good prices and fast shipping.
Another Market pre-release is from With My Needle Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy boxes. I love the way Ellen Chester has painted those and lined them. They are just so cute. She also has a new sampler reproduction that is a lovely floral that is on the wish list.
I have purchased a couple of designs from Heartstring Samplery in the recent past and her new ones for market this time are definitely on the must have list for me. They are called Matchless Grace and Permit me not to stray. I also want a couple of her prior releases that strike my prim side.  The one I want the most is Simple Bounty Cupboard Sampler which is a purely simple design that I love.
I am intrigued by Rosewood Manor's Crabapple Tree design. I would love to see it up close and personal. Several of her new ones look really nice.  Blackbird Designs new book of all the class pieces is on the please purchase for me list for sure. The Flood by Plumstreet Samplers is a fun one that looks really big. Another one I would love to see in person. GPA designs has released two pincushion dolls that look lovely as well. I could go on and on. There are so many great designers and I have picked just a few. I have many more I could list for sure.  So what is on your list either to buy or to wish?
 Oh, so much to stitch. Speaking of which I need to turn off the Mac and get back to that.
Hope your day is full of stitches. Marjo


  1. I'm actually doing pretty well keeping my wish list down for a change. lol! I definitely have some wants though, like the Flood, and the BBD book, and Ann Grant. Those Nancy's Needle pieces are really nice if you're into needlepoint!

  2. Ann Grant, the BBDs, Carmen's A&E (Jane Thomas is the name, I think) and Philadelphia Botting are at the top of my list... I know there's more... Primitive Needle's Two Horses. And a bunch of others. I also love The Flood. I'm trying to be good but we'll see how that goes!! LOL I went to look at the Rosewood Manor piece after you mentioned it--beautiful colors! Oh wait, I forgot that I want the Heartstrings pieces, too. Ack.

  3. I'm with Margaret, I'm doing pretty good and keeping my wishlist under control this year. You've got some beauties on your list!

  4. I'm trying to buy "light" this year as LNS has "market night" at the store this evening, so we'll see what I may come home with!