Sunday, February 13, 2011

So is it safe?

To finally add the date to the CHS Alphabet sampler? Here I am with just the fill in left to do and 3 letters. I have gone back around the vine where I missed a flower or leaf and got those all caught up and I am examining each square as I fill in the bottom part so I can be sure when I am done that I am really done. I took some time away from this piece for the last two weeks as it seemed the more I worked on it the larger it grew and I had doubts that there would ever be a last stitch for this one. I have been working on  Merry Stitcher ornament, ATS, Happy Hearts by VS and Anniversaries of the heart BBD but now it is back to the CHS Alphabet.  I really hope to finish it soon. I really thought I would be done by now. I still have quite a bit of of fill in left to do but that goes pretty well when I have something to watch on TV or a good book to listen to. This picture represents the colors better than the last one I posted, not sure why the last one was so yellow.  I am already contemplating what I will pull out to replace this one when it is finished which I think is why it seems to be taking so long. As you can tell from my side list of WIP's I  have many to choose from.
Cathy, from Inspired Needle came through yet again for me with rush deliveries of the much needed Linen colored floss from WDW that I know is here somewhere but not sure where that would be. Sure I will find it now that I have replaced it. I will spend some time on Anniversaries of the Heart now that I have that color as it is a large portion of the design for Snow Garden. I will work between the two of them today and then move on tomorrow to something else.
 I think I  would like to focus on ATS for a while. It has been so sadly neglected for so long. I did not get the sun and the cloud finished the other day like I wanted so maybe it would be best to just focus on it until I see some progress.
 I am taking some breaks from the large items to stitch on my ornaments as I really want to get several done this year. Sorry about my shadow on the picture. It is snowing here (no surprise it is Alaska after all) and I couldn't get a true color shot without a shadow on it somewhere.  I have collected the Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments for years and never get many of them stitched. I have now kitted several up thanks to Drema and her sale at Needlework corner and would like to get them all done as well. She has a specific section with the fabrics and threads needed for the JCS ornament edition each year. She tells you up front what she carries and what she doesn't so you can make your list. I think that is a great service.  Now if I could order TIME I would be all set.
 SO much to stitch, so little time. Have a stitchy day.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your AotH progress.

    I have every confidence that you'll finish CHS Alphabet Sampler! Look at how close you are! If you're like me though, putting it down might not be such a good thing!

    I too want to finish some ornaments this year! Now I just need to learn how!

  2. You're so close to a finish on the Alphabet Sampler, I think you can go ahead and date it!! Looks so pretty.

  3. The alphabet sampler is so pretty, if you don't mind my asking what color are you filling in with? I love how it looks and I should also ask would you mind if I copied you :-)?

    You will love AotH!! It's been one of my most favorite pieces ever.

  4. Mmmmmm, Marjo! I love the blue blocks in your CHS Alphabets! It is realy stunning and yep, I think you can safely add the date! ATS is looking beautiful, too!

  5. Your Alphabets is just lovely -- and you're so close to a finish! Love the ATS too -- you're over that nasty cloud!

  6. You're so close to a finish!! I get like that, too--worried that I've skipped over something when moving onto another thing, especially if it's a long term project. I've discovered missing parts of acorns on ATS after it was framed--it looks like the birds are pooping on Eden. LOL, but seriously, it does. So, now I try to make myself finish something fully before moving on--but that's hard when your needle is threaded and you know the color is used on the next page! Anyway, your CHS looks fantastic. YGG on the ornaments, too. I am hoping to do more this year, too.