Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rotation update

Late last year I joined the Blackbird design group in a SAL for the Anniversaries of the Heart. I am stitching them all on one piece of 40 count LL Vintage Light Exemplar that I had left over from another project. I started the Snow Garden yesterday after spending quite a bit of time trying to find all the thread that should have been in it's box ready to go but wasn't. Found all but one color I need and of course it is one of the main colors but I will order that today and just keep moving around it. I am loving this stitch. The greens and grays are pretty much what I see out my window during the snowy part of the year up here so it suits life right now but I am looking forward to a finish of the first one to move in the reds of the Valentine house block which is next. It is definitely a fun stitch.
I have finished the poor Homespun Elegance Santa who had been languishing in the Christmas ornament stitching tin for the better part of a year and moved onto another one Called Merry Stitches from the same designer. (See last post) Another one that I needed two colors to be able to finish. You would think with the number of skeins of GAST and WDW I have that I would never be missing one but not true. Thanks to Cathy at Inspired Needle for sending me those two needed colors, I will email her soon for the MIA WDW Linen I need for Snow Garden.  She has been so easy to work with for the last two years since I found her brick and mortar shop on a trip to the lower 48 to see the boy child.  I really appreciate her along with all the other shops who are so helpful to those of us who do not have a LNS.

I also decided I needed something new from the WIP to stitch and ATS has been just screaming at me lately so I pulled it back out and have put it on my floor frame so it can get some attention. Since last touched I have finished the middle portion of the cloud and if I get the time to stitch today I hope to get the sun and the cloud finished. I just think it will move faster if I can get the cloud done. Underneath that section is a bunch of smaller motifs that will be fun to add in as well.
I am not done with CHS Alphabets but just needed a break with it for a while, it seemed the more I stitched on it there was still much more to do. It will be my Thursday night stitch until finished but bringing some new old stuff into the rotation.
Thought I would show my stitching bag complete with all the current projects seeing the light of day. I will rotate them based on what is screaming loudest that day at this rate. I used to be pretty strict on a rotation when I didn't work full time but those days are gone and I have enjoyed this weekend just working on  a bunch of different things throughout the day to mix it up a little bit. There is an article on the Shakespeare's Peddler website that speaks to working on something for ten hours and then moving to the next project. I might try that but even that may be more than I can do. I tend to just work on something till I fill the need to change and then move onto something else from the WIP pile. I used to stitch on a rotation of 4 pieces with a week on each piece but with my work schedule I can't do that as some weeks I barely get to stitch. But I am still having great fun with  it and to me that is what it is all about.
Hope you have some stitching in your day.


  1. Marjo, I also work in rotation so that I don't get bored on any one project. The 10 hour rule does work but sometimes I only have 30 minutes to stitch so I squeeze in a small project. Where you at the Stitcherama this past weekend??

  2. I like your idea of a rotation - stitch on something until something else screams louder for attention! I don't track the time I spend stitching so the 10 hours rotation would not work for me.

    Your Snow Garden start is looking wonderful. One of my favs.

  3. I subscribe to the "stitch on whatever is calling the loudest" rotation method. I just can't seem to stick to any other plan, LOL.

    Love your stitchy pictures!

    Cathy is so sweet, I've been to the shop a few times on my trips to Chicago and I order from her too :-).

  4. Just found your blog -- very nice.

    Nice progress on Snow Garden. I just love all those patterns and can't decide whether to stitch them separately or all on one piece of fabric... decisions, decisions...

    Have a good weekend

  5. Snow Garden is looking great but boy, isn't it frustrating when you can't find what you know is SOMEWHERE!?

    Love how ATS looks on the floor stand - so pretty!

    Your project bag is lovely and full; just as it should be!

  6. Great start on Snow Garden. I didn't start the series, but love seeing them stitched.

    My method of rotation seems to be whatever I happen to pick up!

  7. Great progress on your wips, nice to see ATS again

  8. You are making wonderful progress on your pieces! I love your floor stand...please email me and tell me about it.