Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's a mystery....

I have enjoyed having a set project for Thursday night for the time I get to stitch with my friends. I am still working on the EGA mystery sampler. It is narrow but it long. Even though I have been working on it steadily I still have 2 lessons left to stitch on it. I did just finish the second darning pattern on it and that was fun. I love doing darning patterns. They go quickly but leave a delicate pattern behind.
This project was a Mystery Sampler in the EGA Magazine Needle Arts.  I am enjoying each section. I will leave the Hardanger section until the end so I can cut while I am at home. I hate cutting fabric that I am stitching on much less when I am listening to what my friends are talking about.
I decided Thursday will be the night to finish up class projects that were started and then relegated to the WIP pile. Next up will be a small crewel design that I have a lot left to stitch but I will love having as a pillow in my stitching chair when it is done or it may turn into a gift for someone else. Won't know till I finish it.  I have several, one just needs the finishing, the stitching is done and some just have a bit started. I hope to make a dent in that part of my WIP pile. I enjoy putting a finished date beside them as I go.
I was working in my stitching room again today and found a long stitched item that just needs the hemstitching to be completed. I may add that to the Thursday night roster just so I can get it finished. The piece is Drawn Thread's Random Thoughts. I love the piece. I finished stitching it a long time ago but need to do the outer hem stitching and attach the charms. I am going to have it framed when I get done. It was one of the first pieces I did that had so many specialty stitches that made me fall in love with doing more than crossing my threads.
Hope you have some stitchy time in your day. Marjo


  1. I can understand wanting to have your focus about you while cutting threads. :) Love the specialty stitches in your Drawn Thread piece - pretty! Your blog header is beautiful!

  2. Your mystery sampler looks lovely! And yes, I do plan to have some stitchy time today!

  3. Your Mystery sampler is looking gorgeous

    I like your plan for working through your wips

  4. I can see why you love stitching this Mystery Sampler - so many different sections with different stitches.
    Random Thoughts is also in my WIP drawer, but it's only half way done. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished.