Saturday, June 1, 2013

June, really?

I am having a hard time keeping up with this year. It seems to be flying by no matter how I drag my heels. Since last I posted I have been on vacation and otherwise just worked a lot and stitched a little. I continue to pile up charts that I really want to stitch but am slow on the discipline to sit down and spend time stitching. I got completely off schedule with my rotation over the week I was on vacation. I met my best friend in Park City, Utah. We had so much fun. We read and stitched and hiked a good bit. It was so warm, it was wonderful. I took some of my rotation but not all of it, the big samplers do not tend to make the trips with me. I did get some progress made mostly on my travel piece.
While we were in Utah we visited 3 different cross stitch stores. We had a great time. I managed to pick up a few things from Shepherd's Bush which is just a lovely store. The ladies were very helpful to us as my friend needed help with finding just the right color floss for a project she was working on. I bought a couple of charts and scored one of their T-shirts...I am a huge fan of their T-shirts over the years and was excited to find a new one to add to the collection. Next time I will have to post a pic of my stitchy stash.
Lizzie Kate Fat Men
Lizzie Kate
This has been such a fun stitch. I am really enjoying it.

Dorothy Walpole by Scarlett Letter

Once I got back I started back trying to work on my rotation. This is Dorothy Walpole after taking a bit out that I was counting challenged over and restitched. I love this sampler. I hope to get some work done on it this weekend and make some more noticeable progress. Photo is washed out color wise for some reason, sorry about that. I will try to do better the next time. 

I am almost done with my Thursday night stitch project. I should be done with it by the end of the month. Finally some progress on something. I took advantage of the Stoney Creek Sale to get the bell pull hardware to finish it with. Next for our stitching group will be the Crewel Work class piece.

I hope you find some stitchy time in you day. 



  1. Your vacation sounds perfect! Great stitches too!

  2. Sounds like my idea of a wonderful vacation! Lovely stitching! :)

  3. Good to read you have a nice holiday. Lizzie Kate is so cute.Have a good (stitching) sunday.

  4. Vacation is always a good thing - even better with a good friend!

    How do you have your rotation set up? I have more in progress now and probably should get a rotation going.