Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Starts, old finishes and still stitching

I had grand plans to keep my blog updated. I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs and seeing what different people are working on and what their choices are for fabric and threads.I really do enjoy it. I had so much I wanted to share and then my "antique Mac" died. Just wouldn't turn on, at all. Dead. Sigh.  The budget wasn't going to absorb a new computer so it became that my husband and I would share a computer. That was all well and good, well except that he lives on the computer...yes, that is why I had my own to begin with. I remember now. We don't do well with one computer considering if he is home he is on the computer. Sigh. It has taken me a while to work this out but finally I have worked it out and I am back in blogging. Sorry, more than you wanted to know I am sure.

On the stitching front I have not gotten the Map of America done yet. Still working on it. It has been my focus for quite a while, over a year. I am on the downhill slope finally. This is a huge piece. I
The Great Lakes are filled in. 

East Coast is done. 
 always seem to gravitate to really big pieces. Always. This is big even for me. It seemed like it would go so fast when I started it. Ahem. Not so much. But I have persevered. I am done with the lower 48. I have the Hawaiian Islands completed and have the outline of Alaska completed. The end is in sight. I have to still do the personalization. I hope to be able to get a mat cut for it by our local framer. It is the Map of the USA by Sue Hillis on 36 count flax linen. It is a half yard of fabric. I am so late with this but it will get done.
ready to add Alaska and Hawaii
I have been stitching on this to the exclusion of anything else for the most part. I am used to stitching a rotation and have really missed the variety of things to stitch. So I decided that I deserved a break and did some other gift stitching. Now that I know it has been received I can post pictures of that. 
Lizzie Kate Hippity Hoppity

Fall Ewe All by Shepherds Bush

Friends by Shepherd's Bush

Joy to Ewe by Shepherd's Bush
So for 2015 I have very few finishes but lots of progress on my big design. This little pillows were a gift for my best friend to put in her grandmother's bread bowl.  

I hope to be able to blog a lot more often. I am off to stitch and hope this finds you with lots of stitchy time in your day. 


  1. I love doing big projects, they just take me years to finish them! I really like your map of America though, it will be great when it's finished.

  2. You have been missed Marjo - glad to you the difficulties and that you just didn't quit like so who have given up blogging for quick FB posts. Love all your SB pin pillows - so darling and the MAP - WOW - it's amazing - and your dedication to it is amazing too. Hope you get it behind you so you can move on to other things in 2016. Come back more often if you can. Happy new year to you ! Mel