Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stitching and a little crochet

I put a few (very few) stitches into Rose Quaker. Going to add a few more stitches in before I am done for the day.  I had too many chores to do to get my stitching done.  I am hoping today brings more stitching time. Soon I will get back to the map. I am too easily distracted away from it after 2 years of working on it.

Rose Quaker 40 ct NPI silks

Last night  I met a friend for tea after work. One thing about Alaska, there are coffee shops all over the place- we love hot drinks (and ice cream!). So when we get together we meet at a coffeeshop close to where I work and catch up over tea. It seems none of the local  shops have much lighting so I typically take a non cross stitch project to work on when we meet over the winter. Come summer light is not an issue in Alaska. Plenty of sunshine all day long.  This time I took  a crochet baby blanket in progress for a coworker having her first baby. It took me a while to get the pattern down as I haven't done that pattern in a long time but I finally remembered how to make the turn. My best friend showed me how to do the stitch and it is a great travel piece. I just need to do one blanket  ahead so I am not struggling to get something done on time for people that I want to gift a little handmade item for their little ones. Got a little bit of progress on this one. 
Baby blanket in progress
Well that is all I have gotten done since I posted last. I hope you have had more stitchy time in your day.  Marjo


  1. Wow, Marjo, that is an amazing gift...and gorgeous too, what a lucky baby.
    I love Rose Quaker and even have it in the waiting basket...but I totally BTDT and have a hard time staying interested. Your's is beautiful :)
    Stay warm

  2. Marjo, what a beautiful baby blanket you are creating! Every single stitch you put in will bring you closer to being finished.