Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new start

Of course, just what someone with so many large projects and a basket full of WIP's needs is a new start. I just couldn't help myself. This is not your regular new start, at least not for me. I am starting Sail Away by Shepherd's Bush with a group of ladies for an online SAL. I really want to stitch this one in honor of my mother's heart. I know that sounds weird but my only child is leaving for college in a couple of weeks and the verse of this makes me think of him. I even think that is how the designer describes it when the piece first came out. Which is why I bought it plus I love Shepherd's Bush designs. We will take him to Chicago in less than 2 weeks and that will be Far Away. If you have ever been to Alaska you know Far Away doesn't begin to cover it. The closest part of the US to us is Seattle and that is 3 hours away by air: it gets worse from there.
The design is really pretty and the colors are nice. This one may need the Jill Rensel Mats for it.
I also decided to start the BBD freebie and chart it for my paternal grandmother. She was the stitcher/quilter/crafter in the family and although I never met her my dad always said I reminded him of her with all my sewing. I need to find the appropriate color to stitch this in...seems from all the quilts I have of hers she was fond of bright colors. So I may have to use really red for this. I will have to go see what I have that will work.


  1. Passing from other blog has reached yours, compliment, your embroideries are splendid!
    Do you live in Alaska? I imagine that freschino there can be from you, here in Italy (Parma) the summer is warm!

    Hi Sandy

  2. Marjo - looking forward to "sailing" with you! Good luck with your new projects!

  3. Awww, that is so sweet. I know how hard it was for me when my first born went to college last year--and that was just 2 hours away by car/3 by bus. I was okay because it was that close. I can imagine the ache! Toby Keith has a great song, "Where You Gonna Go" on his Honky Tonk University CD that makes me want to bawl because it reminds me of my son growing up all too quickly, too. Sometimes I think locking them in the basement wasn't such a bad idea. ;) Big hugs--love the new start.

  4. I bought the Sail Away pattern because of what Tina wrote about it also. For whatever reason, I made a connection and her words pulled me in hook line and sinker. I am almost done with round two so I will probably post an update Monday evening. Check out my blog if you would like to enter a different kind of giveaway.