Saturday, August 1, 2009

Progress report on a few WIP

Busy week and now some quiet time for stitching. I am amazed at times how easily I have fallen into the use of an Ipod or my laptop to find entertainment that a few years ago I would never have even thought about doing. So I have downloaded a few more books on tape for stitching time reading on my Ipod and am getting ready to watch Miss Marple on my mac on as I missed last week's show while I get some stitching done. Todays tea choice will be the old standby...Lady Grey...
I have made some progress on my CHS Alphabets this week. I am finished with the right edge which should make the rest of the rows go quickly. I really need to finish Blackbird designs Where my heart blooms. I finally got the left hand side ripped out where I made a mistake and got a start on getting it back in. There has been only a little progress on Mary Wigham. I hope to work on her tomorrow and get a few more motifs done. I cannot get a good picture of the EGA class 17th Century Band sampler. The white on white just will not show up. I need to get more work done on that as well. I think I will continue on with my CHS Alphabet and try to get a few more black squares done. I want to pull out the colors I am thinking of for the flowers and see what I already have that would be suitable. The roses are in bloom in my front yard and the mountain is what I see every day when I look out my front window.
Happy Stitching from the Far North


  1. What a truly gorgeous view! I just happened upon your blog this morning. Looking forward to future visits. Love your wips!!

  2. I just found your blog through Legacy! Love your progress on CHS Alphabets and MW! And you have beautiful roses!