Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stitching updates

Finally some time with needle and thread. It seems these two pieces are getting the most attention and once I catch up on SAL sail away I am going to have to spend some serious time on my class piece for EGA 17th Century Band Sampler. It took me forever to get all the supplies I needed for it and then to get scroll frame needed pieces to get started. Now that it is started it needs some serious attention. I love the class. I need someone to teach me what I am doing right and wrong with my stitching and Nan Euler is very kind with her comments. I am just a hard student as living where I do when she suggests a different shade of color I am at a loss for what that would be as I cannot just go to the store and look and it is hard to find good color representations of thread over the computer. At any rate, that needs to be my other focus piece until I get caught up and get if off in the mail. Then I can get back to my other stitching. I will still take CHS alphabets to work to stitch in my lunch hour as that is the only break I get there. It is easy to take as the color doesn't change on outlining the blocks or the vine and I can see progress on it. I thought about posts I had read of someone stitching on the train as we rode the subway in Chicago. I decided the ride wasn't smooth enough to stitch on the subway but it certainly would have been a good chunk of time to be able to use that way.

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