Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday afternoon with the needle and thread

I am so excited to be caught up with the "need to do things" that I have gotten to the want to do part of my day. Last year for my best friend's birthday I stitched Lorri Birmingham's 4 seasons. I was so proud to get it done on time (I always seem to run late with these things). Then, I couldn't find the embellishment pack. I tore up my house looking for these things and still a year later they are not to be found. Then I couldn't find the pattern so I could just try to find some replacements. Teach me to clean up my sewing room, can't find anything now. I finally located the pattern and picture (the most important part as it is now OOP and I couldn't find it even on the internet) and was able to search and find some replacement embellishments. I couldn't find the exact ones she used but I am happy with what I got so I can get this done and in the mail in time for her birthday this year. Once I get those sewn in place I am going to work on ATS as that is crying my name and I would love to get the cloud finished as I think I would move faster on after that. I hope also to have enough time to put some stitching in on my EGA class piece. I finally got it started after having much difficulty finding the supplies I needed and now am ready to begin some of the whitework. Trouble is I have gotten there and no farther. We will see how it goes. It is another beautiful day in Alaska, clear blue skies and 60 degrees.

As you can see I did not end up with enough embellishments so I had to place another order to get something to put in the spot by the pumpkins. Frustration.

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  1. I love your Lorri Birmingham seasonal piece, the entire piece is delightful! What a lucky friend :)