Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stitching storage finds

I am always looking for a better way to organize my stash and I love old looking wooden items the best. My sewing room is a hodgepodge of wooden cabinets that I just love that are used to store all my stitching stuff. On another blog someone showed a spool cabinet she had purchased off Ebay. (I cannot find that post and I apologize to not be able to credit her with the find, I am so sorry) I could not resist trying to get one for myself and the seller was having a sale and was willing to ship to Alaska (not everyone is at least for a price I can afford). I was able to get three chests for the price of another one I had been considering including the shipping costs. I am so excited.
I bought the little one to store all my beads, buttons and embellishments in. It will hold packs o needles and other items I tend to loose in my stitching room.
This one is in the living room by my chair. I can slide my currently project in the drawer along with threads etc so they are waiting right there when I get ready to stitch.
This one will hold all my threads except DMC which I will leave in the Thread organizer binders they are currently in. All the perle and Krenick threads will go in here as well as some of the odd bits of carded threads that I use at times like Whisper.
I have not stitched much since the weekend but what I have done I cannot show you as it is gift stitching. I am stitching on Lambswool 32 count. I was surprised with just how stiff the fabric is. It seems harder to stitch on stuff that is that stiff.
I am trying to do a strand a day on ATS, it will take forever to get it done that way but once I finish CHS Alphabets and Sail Away, I will use ATS as my focus piece I think. I really want to get it stitched and framed and on the wall but I have to finish the other two first. The next to must finish pieces will be French Alphabet sampler and Mary Wigham. I couldn't settle on just one project yesterday so I stitched a little on all of them. Talk about stitching ADD.
I have so many samplers I want to stitch but I want to make a little more progress on the Monster WIP list.
I hope to have some stitching to share on the next update. Have a great stitchy day. Marjo


  1. Love your wood cabinets!!!!

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. It was Vonna (Twisted Stitcher) who gave the link to that ebay person. Good deal! I love that you got 3 for such a good price!

  3. I think it was Vonna too! Your storage is wonderful. I love them all!

    Don't feel bad about having a monster WIP list. Think of it in terms of having a wonderful collection of goodies! You'll never get any WIP guilt out of me - I'm an enabler! :)

  4. Gorgeous cabinets! Glad you got such a great deal on them~