Sunday, February 7, 2010

Progress on the CHS Alphabet

Work has been busy and stitching did not get much attention this week at all. I have a three day weekend this week and will do all my errands on Saturday so Sunday and Monday will see some serious stitching time. I did get a few stitches in CHS Alphabets. I still love this and got quite a bit done on the border and couple of blocks done. I am leaving the bottom of the blocks until last to fill in I think or at least I thought I would and then decided to use a blue and see if I liked it by just doing one block at first.
I also need to work on gift stitching for the next up on the birthday list. I hope to spend some time working on And They sinned but I do so want to get CHS alphabet finished that I may not touch anything else.
We usually watch the Superbowl for the commercials. This year I retired to my room to read and stitched instead. I even took a short nap...too many hours at work this week. Hate to sleep through good stitching time.
Last weekend I got to go to tea with some friends and it was delightful. There is a small restaurant that does a tea by invitation only and while I am not on the list my friend is and she always opens the invite to us all. It was fun to see an old friend and to make a new one as well and the food and the tea was wonderful. I quite enjoyed it. I do believe I was born in the wrong era.
It is snowing quite heavily tonight. It is quiet and peaceful as the white stuff blankets us yet again. Hope you find some time to stitch. Marjo


  1. Somehow, I missed this post, Marjo. Your alphabets are looking great! This is one of my very favorite pieces - I love it - I think, even more than my ATS because it's stitched over one and is just so special to me. I'll be cheering you on!

  2. I've never been to a high tea before and it's something I need to try. I see Melody mentioned a place here in Jax so I'll have to get her to go with me and show me how it's done!

    I'm definitely a girl that loves the conveniences of modern life but I do appreciate the past and am glad that I have taken up interests that have a long history.