Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday hiking

A beautiful Alaskan day called to us to do a couple of short hikes, pup in tow. Our pup is a chocolate lab so I am not sure who was towing who but we enjoyed a few hours in the sun. This is why you can stand the winters. Fireweed, the beaver pond, the waterfall, the path...mostly uphill. The first picture is an update of CHS alphabet sampler. 


  1. What beautiful, beautiful pictures. And cutwork...ohhhhh, no! LOL--I've never done it, but I'm picturing that first time of putting the scissors to the fabric--yikes. Now I'm going to look back at your earlier posts and see if you show a photo of that class piece. Do you read Just String? She's got an enormous class piece starting.

  2. You are a brave soul to do cutwork - no way will I even attempt it! Your pictures are so pretty ~ awesome scenery. So glad to see you stitching the CHS Alphabets. That, along with And They Sinned is one of my very favorite pieces - you can see it in my picturetrail album on my blog. Good luck with yours - you've got lots of pretty WIPs to keep you busy. The SAL for Sail Away will be fun - so glad you're joining us.