Friday, September 11, 2009

What I did over Labor Day

Since we moved to Alaska 8 years ago we have tried our best to spend Labor Day weekend at Denali National Park and Preserve. If you have been there in the Fall then you know what I mean: if you haven't it should be on your bucket list. It is absolutely my favorite part of Alaska and I never tire of going there and looking for the animals and just enjoying the amazing colors. For me it is my Fall color fix. In Georgia, there are 4 seasons, up here, not so much. Where I live the color change mostly consists of going from the full color of summer to yellow of the birch trees with the dark green of the spruce to a gray white mixture of winter.
I did work on Mary Wigham. This is at Eielson stop with Denali behind the clouds. The wind was brisk I couldn't get a better picture.
My husband was checking out the bookstore and I was soaking up the sunshine and putting a few stitches in Where the heart blooms by Blackbird designs. Didn't know he was watching me stitch.
The next picture is the view from our cabin with the mist in the mornings. It was so much prettier than the picture shows. I sat at the little kitchen table and stitched and just enjoyed the view. The next is just one shot I liked for the colors and last but not least is Denali in all it's glory. Yep, my favorite spot in Alaska.
Next post I will try to get some shots of my stitching. I did a good bit on Where my heart blooms since it was easy to carry around with me as we hiked around. I took a couple of other pieces along but the light was too weak in the cabin to see any smaller count.


  1. What a beautiful spot! I can see why you love it. Looking forward to seeing your stitching. Did you get to work on SA at all?

  2. What a beautiful area!! I have always wanted to go to Alaska so I am enjoying seeing your pics. :)

  3. Beautiful photos of that gorgeous place--I'd love to go. I'll show this to my co-worker, who lived in Fairbanks and traveled all over the state--he worked on the North Slope for an oil company. He is homesick for Alaska and describes what it was like to go fishing on the way home from work and catch a fish to eat for dinner. Do the long winters get you down though?