Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alaska in the fall

Alaska has 4 seasons but Spring and Fall are really very short. Around Labor Day the more Northern part of the state is already full into change in fall colors but it is later in the month for the colors to change in the southcentral part where I live. Yesterday was rainy all morning but when DH and I left the house later to run errands the skies had cleared and I took some local color shots. Also, as you can see in the higher elevations the rain left it's mark as termination dust. That term came from the time of the gold rush when the snow would touch the top of the mountains. Then they knew they would have to start packing up soon as the passes would be impassable and they would starve without the ability of food/supplies delivery.
The river is Eagle River and the path is at the nature center where we go to hike until August. Every year in August they close that particular trail as the bears frequent it on their way to feasting on the final ending place for many, many salmon. The last great feast for these particular Grizzlies prior to the winter hibernation. Human interaction is frowned upon. There are many other paths to take that don't take you through the bears dining room and other things to see there. One of our favorite places to walk.


  1. What glorious scenery! I don't envy you the long winter (I think Michigan's are plenty long enough) but I would love to visit Alaska one day and take in all the grandeur for myself. Until then, thank you for sharing such fabulous pictures with us.

  2. Oh wow, Marjo, what an amazing place. I just love the pictures--please keep sharing them! Fabulous stitchy progress, too. YGG on doing the boxes before getting to the 'meat' of the alphabets! Then you can sail through and enjoy the various blocks.

  3. we always said Kodiak had two seasons: rain and no rain! :)