Friday, September 11, 2009

I am getting the package ready to mail to my in laws of the Anniversary sampler which will soon be a whole year late. I am only a week late with my best friend's birthday gift but it will go in the mail today. My husband is busy for the morning so it is me, the puppa and the two girl cats (who are identical and we call girl cat 1 and girl cat 2). I didn't stitch this week as I have worked late at work and have been too tired. I hope to make up for that this weekend. I have lots of errands and chores to do but I fully intend to get some stitching in as much as I can. I HAVE TO work on my class piece. This white work section needs to get finished so I can move onto some color on this piece. I want to work on Sail Along as I am woefully behind on it and I love it. I also really want to finish As my heart blooms because i really like it and am so much closer to finishing it since we went to Denail last weekend. I got a lot of car stitching as well as mornings before we began our trips into the Park. I also want to finish the CHS alphabet and I have made a lot of progress on the squares but so much still to do and I haven't finished the vine yet. I did get some pink for the flowers while we were in Chicago as I could get similar dyelots. So I am ready but time as always is a factor.
I hope to work my rotation through the end of the year so all my pieces get some work done on them and I can pull some more out of the WIP list and maybe a couple of new starts. I am thinking of starting one of the Hawk Run pieces for my next new start which won't be until later in the year but I like to pre-plan especially when it comes to my stitching. I have read on several blogs where stitchers were doing a house or block a month on one of the Hawk Runs and all made great progress with beautiful finishes to show for it. I just really need to focus on finishes before I consider new starts but I do so love planning what to stitch next. I do want to finish Where the Heart blooms, Sail Away and CHS alphabets this year and catch up on my EGA piece. I will keep Martha Edlin as ongoing piece as will ATS for the next year but looking at my WIP list I have made some progress.
My goal is to finish at least 5 things on my ever enlarging WIP list before the end of the year. Chances are that will be much too an ambitious goal for me with the way work goes but it something good to aim for.

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