Saturday, September 26, 2009

Progress report for September

Pulling out my current rotation I thought I would update you on the progress I have made on a couple of my projects. I have worked late a lot lately so I have mostly stitched on just two designs that are more portable for me. I take CHS alphabets and Where my heart blooms with me in the car all the time. I am also working on Sail Away by SB and 17th Century Band sampler and they are not seeing much progress but will pull them out tomorrow to get some stitches in.
I would love to get the border done on Where my Heart blooms this weekend but not so sure I will have that much time to stitch. On the other hand I have made a lot of progress on the vine on CHS alphabets and could possibly get enough time to stitch the rest of the border. I bought 3 skeins of Antique rose when I was last outside to do the flowers in for the border. I still haven't decided what color I am going to fill the bottom part of each block with but I still have 6 blocks to go before I start the fill in part.
I have lots still to do but progress is being made.
I hope to get the last 6 blocks done and maybe even start on one of the squares this weekend. I hope you are having a stitchy weekend too.


  1. 2 of my favorites you are working on! Where my Heart Blooms is one 'in waiting' and I completed the CHS Alphabet. I did change the bottom color in the letters from Bittersweet to I think Nutmeg? Something alittle calmer. You are going to love it! I see you are the blog owner of ATS, I have just kitted that one up, and ready to get going. I have 2 or 3 I want to get done first.....But I am excited!! Keep up the great job on your WIPs!!

  2. Good job Marjo. I usually have 3 or 4 pieces in progress. I've stitched Where My Heart Blooms and have CHS Alphabet all kitted up. I often pull the darn thing out and drool over it. I just need to finish up a few other before CHS comes out to play. Beautiful work -- Have a great stitching week!!

  3. OH, your stitching is beautiful! Lots of progress on your bordering. I like the way you did the borders first and then stitch in. On my blog, you can see I"m doing a Little House Needleworks one with many borders and I am doing each block as I go but I like your way better.

    Feathers in the Nest

  4. Lovely work. You have to have a lot of discipline I think to do all the border of something before stitching the main design(s). I can't do it--have to take it in bites as I do the design. I love the CHS Alphabet particularly, especially with seeing it on everyone's blogs, and it's on my to-do-someday list.

  5. You're making great progress on both of these pieces. When I did the alphabets I used WDW Whiskey for the fill in and it came out really nice (it's the heading on my blog). I just got my Home is Where the Heart Blooms framed. That was a fun stitch too.

    I do have to say that you have tons of discipline for doing the block outlining and vine before anything else!!

  6. I love that you have a plan for your stitching. It sounds like you do a pretty good job of keeping up with it.

    I'm a new stitcher and I think yours is wonderful!

  7. Beautiful projects, beautiful stitching!!!