Monday, January 11, 2010

Cries for attention from the WIP basket

From the deep dark recesses of the heavily overloaded WIP basket come two long neglected projects. First up is the New Year start from 2009 which made it through half of one page before finding its' way into the basket never to see hardly any light of day the rest of the year. I really want to get this done. I found the perfect frame for it when last I was at the framer and it will probably be discontinued before I get this done. I need to add it back into the working rotation (which is not really a rotation at all, just more of who screams loudest today kind of thing). I really like it and intend to get started back with it this year. I got lost in the second half of the cloud and need to get back to it. Sorry the pictures are both kinda of gray but it is a gray kinda day here.
I was reading a thread on one of the Yahoo groups I belong to asking about favorite Gloriana colors especially for a pink and it made me think of French Alphabet Sampler that has been in the WIP basket for years. I made a big mistake in the A and didn't find it until I stitched the B and then had to take them both out. I lost my enthusiasm for the piece. It has been long enough now and I really would like to work on this for a while I think. I did manage to get the letter A back in before into the basket it went but it is a huge project and much more to go. It will go faster if the frogs will stay away. I am working it on Elegant Bean with Gloriana Dried Pink Roses. Really more of a pink brown than mauve at least in the hank I got. I really like that color and may use it for another big project. It has a sweet variegation.
Did not get enough stitching done on CHS Alphabets to take a picture of...slow progress. Not much stitching time after work these days.
Have fun with your projects. Marjo


  1. I'm not familiar with the FAS so I googled it. Gorgeous! I can understand losing your enthusiasm for a project when you hit a snag though. I love the silk you've chosen too! I hope you get excited about it again as I look forward to seeing it as it comes along.

  2. Two gorgeous projects, it'll be great to see them grow

  3. Beautiful projects, both of them, Marjo. I love your Gloriana for the FAS.

  4. Marjo, both are such beautiful projects and they deserve your attention. Go for it!! I will tell you that after the cloud is done, you will sail through ATS. It's just getting through that cloud that is the sticking point. Your FAS is fantastic. I'd have thought that color was too light but it is realllllly pretty. I'll enjoy watching your progress!

  5. I do love all the projects that you have! ATS has always been one of my favorite stitches ever! I almost cried when I was finished with it. I can't wait to see more of your progress on it. And I absolutely the color used for the FAS. It's going to be beautiful when finished.

  6. It's amazing how loud some of those WIPs can scream, isn't it?

    I did FAS a few years ago. One of the things that kept me going on it was to do one thread length on the border after I had put in three thread lenghts on the letters. That border is pretty repetitive. Love your color choices. I still like mine (a Gloriana cranberry), but should have chosen a more tightly woven fabric as some threads show through despite trying to do a reversible stitch and cutting the tails as close to the stitching as possible. But I guess that's just me as everyone else admires it.