Monday, January 25, 2010

Stitching wth Jane

Thank you for all the kind comments on the stitching set I made as a gift. It was quite a lot of fun to stitch and appreciate all the nice things you had to say about it. My finishing skills are not great so I was pleased it came out okay.
After an almost year long visit in the WIP black hole I got this out to start back to stitching on it this weekend. Or really Sunday and Monday as I worked on Saturday. While I watched Emma I worked on the middle part of the cloud. After running errands all day I am going to settle in and stitch some more on this piece. I recently read an article on stitching on one piece for 10 hours and then changing to the next as a rotation. Would probably work for me but right now it is strictly by who screams the loudest or gift stitching. I have another birthday gift due in February and have it started but not nearly finished and I should be stitching on it but ATS won the screaming match and so it goes. I don't think I said in the previous post this design is being stitched on Elegant Bean with the called for fibers. I am enjoying stitching on it. Doubt I will get it done but it is a nice break from the alphabets and sailing ships which have been the most stitched besides pumpkins and spiders of late around here.
I enjoyed Emma so much on PBS last night I am going to stitch to it again tonight as it is just me and the puppa. I would prefer to watch it on TV but the online version will have to do.
My books came from Amazon. Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson with some lovely tea recipes and a collection of Jane Austen letters entitled "Letters of Jane Austen : Selected from the Compilation of Her Great Nephew, Edward, Lord Brabourne. Emma has quite put me in the Austen mood. Now if I could just figure out how to make my hair look like that.......

Enjoy some time stitching today. Marjo

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