Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stitching accessories

I love pretty things and I love having my stitching organized so I don't waste my time searching for what I need to stitch. I thought I would show you some of my favorite things. I love putting the whole project in these lovely mesh stitching bags. These two were gifts from one of my stitching buddies. I love them. They are large enough for the entire project on scroll frames or qsnaps with thread etc all inside. I can just grab and go. I love tins so I found a long Whitmans tin that holds quite a few of my on the road necessities. I have one ready to grab with thread for basting, an emery for needles and pins, an extra pack of needles and a tape measure, and small magnet. It is long enough to hold my scissors on a zinger as well.

This picture shows a glimpse of my new favorite the Bohin needles. I took an online class from the Essamplaire and she offered these needles to us. I really like them much better than the Piecemakers or John James petites I was using.. These have been added in all my stitching buddy gifts since I was introduced to them. Might as well spread the addiction around.
I don't always sit in the same place when I stitch at night (unless I need my big stitching lamp and it is on wheels if need be) so I use a wooden carrier to make my stitching portable at home.
I have scissors, a thread holder that also holds not only thread but also has a slot for my laying tool and for my scissors and star detailor , thread for basting, floss holders and pincushion, extra needles, fabric scissors, ruler, tape measure, and 3inch square.My ort jar fits in there as well. It also holds a covered Altoid tin with thimble, magnet, beading thread and needles.
The pincushion with attached bag and altoid tin were gifts in prior years that are favorites that I use all the time.
This new light with magnifier by Craftlight is my newest accessory that I love. It is great for scroll rods or q-snaps and provides enough light when I need it. Sometimes when I am stitching on the road a little extra light comes in handy.

No stitching progress yet today. I may post again today as I was pulling out two old WIP that have been screaming for some attention. I will update later with where I am starting the new year with them. I really like to have 4 things going at once so I will see which 4 will make the cut for first up this year.
Off to stitch. Hope you have some stitching in your day today. Be Warm.


  1. I love seeing how everyone has their things organized. You have a neat set up that will get you from spot to spot in your home. I need something like that! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. What great stitching goodies! It is always fun to see how others have their things organized. I have a wooden carrier like that - never thougth of using it for stitching! I may have to take out all the old dusty remotes, clean it off and give it a new purpose!

  3. It was fun to see a couple of your favorite things are items I made. Nice photos of your stitching gagets.