Monday, January 4, 2010

January WIP update

I have made a little more progress on CHS Alphabets. I hope to spend the weekend catching up on this piece. I love the goose that is on the block I am stitching. I have not put the flowers on the vine or filled in the bottom boxes but I am having fun with this. I think I am going to use blue on the bottom blocks.

I am hoping this will be my first finish of 2010. I finally put it back on the scroll frames so I could get a better handle on it. I hope it will be complete soon. I love the colors.
My finish of BBD Home is where My Heart Blooms that I finished on retreat. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every stitch. This will go to the framers this month. I have a spot on the wall all ready for it.

I have decided to do some new Christmas ornaments this year. I found the perfect Christmas tin and pulled the ornaments I have had for a while and pulled the threads needed to stitch them. I really want a more homemade ornaments to choose from next year. I love tins and this one was a great find. I love to use them to carry smalls for stitching in. the little jar in the right hand corner was an old Avon creme jar of my mom's that is now my portable ort jar.
I worked on an Homespun Elegance ornament off and on as I didn't have one of the Wisper flosses called for and since it is used on another project I ordered it. Now the floss is in hand thanks to the ladies at Elegant Stitch and Santa is almost completed. I worked on him last night while we had movie night at our house. I want to do at least one ornament a month if not two and have a bag full of them in various stages of kitting so I can move more quickly. I will take the ornaments to work for lunch time stitching when I can or my waiting for something stitching. I even pulled out a Christmas themed Whitman sampler tin to carry them in.
Wanted to post some update pictures though not much stitching has been going on. I did take advantage of a couple of sales over the New Years weekend to get some samplers I had wanted for a long time and to get fabric to stitch them and threads needed to finish some current patterns. Now I have placed the last order and no more until market as I have more to stitch than I will ever get done. I read that Kathy has finished the new Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow so I can't say I won't buy anything else as I am sure I will add that to the stash.
I blanked out the books I have read to restart the list with the New Year. It never seems like I get much time to read but the list showed me I read way more than I thought I did. That is a good thing.
I have checked my WIP list and decided what ones to move to the top instead of a new start. I just really want to finish all my WIP's so I pulled out a few, added any needed threads I might have borrowed out of the bag and now I am ready. I have a bunch of new things to start but I don't think I will for the first little bit of this year except for gift stitching. I have the January birthday gift done and need to pull fabric and thread for the February gift. I will post pictures after I give the gifts. I want to stay ahead on gifts this year as I do so love to stitch my gifts for my friends and my sister.
I downloaded some radio shows to my IPOD so I am ready to stitch. Hope you are having a great stitchy day.


  1. I love the Whitmans tin. Whitmans has special meaning to me because of my grandparents who passed away when I was very young. What a wonderful thing to put your ornie projects in!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Where My Heart Blooms framed. It's beautiful!

  2. Your pieces look lovely! I never thought of using tins to carry my projects in! I have a ton of them in my basement in boxes! Guess I'll be digging through some later today!

  3. Your pieces look great!
    Your teacup up right is very pretty~

  4. Congrats on the beautiful BBD finish! Love all your current projects too, happy stitching!

  5. Congratulations on finishing Where my heart blooms, it's gorgeous.

    Your other wips look lovely.