Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer SAL Blackbird designs update

I spent the evening working on this. Day was full of errands but the evenings usually mean baseball (or Netflix) if it is a travel day. I am loving this piece as well. I know I say that about them all but then why else do it. Not much to show on this even though I spent the evening on it. More of the words completed.
I occasionally do some canvas pieces. Very few, mostly quilt designs. I particularly like the little houses designs by Nancy's Needle. The newest one is the two houses at the beach. That will be the next purchase for summer stitching. I won't get to the beach this year but a girl can dream can't she? They work up quickly so they are great for travel as I don't have to have perfect lighting for these designs. I have done the winter ones and have the Gingerbread houses yet to do. Will work on them at the holidays. Since they are for me they always get pushed to the bottom of the basket. I cannot do painted canvases though I do think they are beautiful. I am a counted thread kind of stitcher.
Hope the week brings lots of stitches. Marjo

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