Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday with Mary Wigham

I am loving working on this. I thought I would share my progress after Sunday's work on her. She and I enjoyed the Versus bike races and then went out to enjoy the mountain view from my front porch while I soaked up some sun. This is before. I am still on the fence about the blue. I know the conversion said to use the lighter part of the blue but the light part of that particular skein is very little and I am not keen on hacking up expensive silk. I will try it once and see how it goes.
Here is after. I would have gotten a lot more done but the yellow was incorrect so I finished it then noticed the problem so had to take the inside out and redo it. Mary had made some mistakes but I made different ones so I frogged and re-stitched. I got the next blue two tone motif almost outlined before I had to give up and go to bed. I ended up taking out a bit of the very dark part of the upper blue motif but on the picture it is very light so I think I am going to change it. I love the way the shades look as I am sure the older dyes didn't fade in a uniform color. This is only the second medallion Quaker I have stitched in multiple colors. My other two I used just one color. I am enjoying working on Mary though progress is slow it is fun and what more can you ask from your hobby. The sun is calling me outside so I will take my tea and my stitching to the front porch for a while. I really need to clean house but I have all day so it can wait.  Just a few more stitches.
Hope you have stitches in your day as well. Thanks for checking in with me. Marjo


  1. Mary Wigham is looking great! I love the colors!

  2. Wow! Mary is looking beautiful already, Marjo! I love the colors - I think a monochromatic piece would drive me nuts! Sounds like you're having awesome weather - our day today is gorgeous after a weekend of nasty storms. Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful work Marjo. Don't you just love the Belle Soie Silk...It's like stitching with clouds!! Congratulations on a great start!!

  4. It's a gorgeous piece!

    I spent some of lunch today doing a bit of frogging. I was going to try and work with it but thought in the end I'd feel better if I pulled it out.

  5. I miss doing counted cross stitch. There was a time in my life I could not imagine not doing it.
    Hope you inspire me to start up again

  6. It really is so pretty though! I am with you on hacking up the silk, hope you figure out a solution you are happy with :-).

  7. I think that this is so pretty. I too hate the idea of hacking up silk - I just can't bring myself to do it! I like too that you're not doing this all in one color - I think they're more interesting in different colors.

  8. Mary is looking lovely, nice progress