Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend stitching

I always have great plans for my weekend stitching. I am off this weekend and am already pulling out patterns and threads to be ready to stitch as soon as I get up in the morning. It may be cloudy and gray outside but I don't mind. I get to stitch this weekend. I am going to work on birthday gifts for my stitching friends tomorrow and then Sunday will be Mary Wigham and Monday will be Beneath the Sunlit sky. At least that is the plan today. I may save Monday for the gift stitching. We will see what really happens. The best laid plans...
I am going to work on the birthday gifts tonight while I watch the Mariners play. I am almost done with one and hope the second one goes as quickly. Having fun with these little designs. Will have 4 more to do when these 2 are done and then it will be Christmas gifts. I hope to start my Christmas gifts by July. I can't wait to share these with you. They are really quite a departure for me but I am looking forward to something a little  different. We shall see.
Thank you for the lovely comments on the Essamplaire pattern I get to start next month on my birthday. The colors are really so pretty in person. I am going to mount the fabric on my scroll rods and I have already sorted the threads onto the thread cards. I was missing a color and Margariet has already sent me the replacement.
If you get the Attic newsletter, she spoke of the use of the Belle Soie silk shading and that it didn't mean to cut it up. I obviously didn't understand that. Plus some of my threads, in particular the blue I was working with do no really have a lighter tone so much. Good to know what she meant by that. I sometimes take things much too literally.  If you don't get that lovely newsletter you can go to the website and it should be posted.  She always has such lovely samplers and generally pretty stuff. I would love to be able to go there and just sit and stitch.
Is anyone planning to stitch the new Quaker Needleprint is releasing? It looks lovely. I am curious what the thread color will be. It is such a muted tone; I couldn't decide what color that really is. I am sure that will find it's way into my workbasket eventually.
Hope your weekend is full of stitching. Marjo

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  1. I hope your weekend went as planned! I always think I can get more accomplished than I actually do but it's still fun.