Monday, January 25, 2010

Stitching wth Jane

Thank you for all the kind comments on the stitching set I made as a gift. It was quite a lot of fun to stitch and appreciate all the nice things you had to say about it. My finishing skills are not great so I was pleased it came out okay.
After an almost year long visit in the WIP black hole I got this out to start back to stitching on it this weekend. Or really Sunday and Monday as I worked on Saturday. While I watched Emma I worked on the middle part of the cloud. After running errands all day I am going to settle in and stitch some more on this piece. I recently read an article on stitching on one piece for 10 hours and then changing to the next as a rotation. Would probably work for me but right now it is strictly by who screams the loudest or gift stitching. I have another birthday gift due in February and have it started but not nearly finished and I should be stitching on it but ATS won the screaming match and so it goes. I don't think I said in the previous post this design is being stitched on Elegant Bean with the called for fibers. I am enjoying stitching on it. Doubt I will get it done but it is a nice break from the alphabets and sailing ships which have been the most stitched besides pumpkins and spiders of late around here.
I enjoyed Emma so much on PBS last night I am going to stitch to it again tonight as it is just me and the puppa. I would prefer to watch it on TV but the online version will have to do.
My books came from Amazon. Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson with some lovely tea recipes and a collection of Jane Austen letters entitled "Letters of Jane Austen : Selected from the Compilation of Her Great Nephew, Edward, Lord Brabourne. Emma has quite put me in the Austen mood. Now if I could just figure out how to make my hair look like that.......

Enjoy some time stitching today. Marjo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

happy birthday friend

This week we celebrated one of my stitching friend's birthday. I had been stitching on her gifts over the holiday as not to be late. It all started with Just Nan patterns.
My friend loves Halloween and all things pumpkin and when I saw this design I thought I had to stitch it for her birthday. This is a Just Nan design for a needlebook.
The front of the finished needlebook. I love the way this one was put together, something different and so cute.
This is another Just Nan pattern that was supposed to be the top of the witches hat. It seemed suited to the idea of a halloween emery so I adjusted it a little and added some spooky pins. I enjoyed the needlebook design so much that I decided the square design would make a perfect biscornu.
A sneaky spider crawling to the top
of the same pattern as the needlebook stitched into a biscornu. It was such a fun stitch. The outline looks so dark black because I added some beads as I joined it together. That alone made me decide I was going to buy some short beading needles.
And here is the set all together. I added a tombstone thread winder and a pack of my new favorite needles and there it is. Happy birthday dear friend.

Have a great day stitching. Don't forget to watch Emma tonight for all you stitching Jane Austen lovers.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cries for attention from the WIP basket

From the deep dark recesses of the heavily overloaded WIP basket come two long neglected projects. First up is the New Year start from 2009 which made it through half of one page before finding its' way into the basket never to see hardly any light of day the rest of the year. I really want to get this done. I found the perfect frame for it when last I was at the framer and it will probably be discontinued before I get this done. I need to add it back into the working rotation (which is not really a rotation at all, just more of who screams loudest today kind of thing). I really like it and intend to get started back with it this year. I got lost in the second half of the cloud and need to get back to it. Sorry the pictures are both kinda of gray but it is a gray kinda day here.
I was reading a thread on one of the Yahoo groups I belong to asking about favorite Gloriana colors especially for a pink and it made me think of French Alphabet Sampler that has been in the WIP basket for years. I made a big mistake in the A and didn't find it until I stitched the B and then had to take them both out. I lost my enthusiasm for the piece. It has been long enough now and I really would like to work on this for a while I think. I did manage to get the letter A back in before into the basket it went but it is a huge project and much more to go. It will go faster if the frogs will stay away. I am working it on Elegant Bean with Gloriana Dried Pink Roses. Really more of a pink brown than mauve at least in the hank I got. I really like that color and may use it for another big project. It has a sweet variegation.
Did not get enough stitching done on CHS Alphabets to take a picture of...slow progress. Not much stitching time after work these days.
Have fun with your projects. Marjo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stitching accessories

I love pretty things and I love having my stitching organized so I don't waste my time searching for what I need to stitch. I thought I would show you some of my favorite things. I love putting the whole project in these lovely mesh stitching bags. These two were gifts from one of my stitching buddies. I love them. They are large enough for the entire project on scroll frames or qsnaps with thread etc all inside. I can just grab and go. I love tins so I found a long Whitmans tin that holds quite a few of my on the road necessities. I have one ready to grab with thread for basting, an emery for needles and pins, an extra pack of needles and a tape measure, and small magnet. It is long enough to hold my scissors on a zinger as well.

This picture shows a glimpse of my new favorite the Bohin needles. I took an online class from the Essamplaire and she offered these needles to us. I really like them much better than the Piecemakers or John James petites I was using.. These have been added in all my stitching buddy gifts since I was introduced to them. Might as well spread the addiction around.
I don't always sit in the same place when I stitch at night (unless I need my big stitching lamp and it is on wheels if need be) so I use a wooden carrier to make my stitching portable at home.
I have scissors, a thread holder that also holds not only thread but also has a slot for my laying tool and for my scissors and star detailor , thread for basting, floss holders and pincushion, extra needles, fabric scissors, ruler, tape measure, and 3inch square.My ort jar fits in there as well. It also holds a covered Altoid tin with thimble, magnet, beading thread and needles.
The pincushion with attached bag and altoid tin were gifts in prior years that are favorites that I use all the time.
This new light with magnifier by Craftlight is my newest accessory that I love. It is great for scroll rods or q-snaps and provides enough light when I need it. Sometimes when I am stitching on the road a little extra light comes in handy.

No stitching progress yet today. I may post again today as I was pulling out two old WIP that have been screaming for some attention. I will update later with where I am starting the new year with them. I really like to have 4 things going at once so I will see which 4 will make the cut for first up this year.
Off to stitch. Hope you have some stitching in your day today. Be Warm.

Little bits of stitching

This is the third section of a gift for a friend. I will post a picture of this if it turns out. It will be a lot of fun if it works out the way I want it to. Unfortunately I cannot always make things turn out the way I envision them. We will see how it goes but first I have to stitch it.
The fabric is really a bright purple. Of course it is dark up here so pictures are not the best for true colors. This set of gifts is the first time I have used Weeks Linens. I love the colors but it seems like it is fuzzy. This is the third piece I have used and so far they all do it.

Yes, these are the threads from last years projects so i decided I would empty the jar to start over for all the new projects or rather new old projects for this year. I love looking at the threads remembering the fun projects they were part of. The jar is one I found in a little shop up here. It is actually the bottom of a older cheese grater jar. I like using old things in new ways.

Hope you have a great stitchy day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

January WIP update

I have made a little more progress on CHS Alphabets. I hope to spend the weekend catching up on this piece. I love the goose that is on the block I am stitching. I have not put the flowers on the vine or filled in the bottom boxes but I am having fun with this. I think I am going to use blue on the bottom blocks.

I am hoping this will be my first finish of 2010. I finally put it back on the scroll frames so I could get a better handle on it. I hope it will be complete soon. I love the colors.
My finish of BBD Home is where My Heart Blooms that I finished on retreat. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every stitch. This will go to the framers this month. I have a spot on the wall all ready for it.

I have decided to do some new Christmas ornaments this year. I found the perfect Christmas tin and pulled the ornaments I have had for a while and pulled the threads needed to stitch them. I really want a more homemade ornaments to choose from next year. I love tins and this one was a great find. I love to use them to carry smalls for stitching in. the little jar in the right hand corner was an old Avon creme jar of my mom's that is now my portable ort jar.
I worked on an Homespun Elegance ornament off and on as I didn't have one of the Wisper flosses called for and since it is used on another project I ordered it. Now the floss is in hand thanks to the ladies at Elegant Stitch and Santa is almost completed. I worked on him last night while we had movie night at our house. I want to do at least one ornament a month if not two and have a bag full of them in various stages of kitting so I can move more quickly. I will take the ornaments to work for lunch time stitching when I can or my waiting for something stitching. I even pulled out a Christmas themed Whitman sampler tin to carry them in.
Wanted to post some update pictures though not much stitching has been going on. I did take advantage of a couple of sales over the New Years weekend to get some samplers I had wanted for a long time and to get fabric to stitch them and threads needed to finish some current patterns. Now I have placed the last order and no more until market as I have more to stitch than I will ever get done. I read that Kathy has finished the new Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow so I can't say I won't buy anything else as I am sure I will add that to the stash.
I blanked out the books I have read to restart the list with the New Year. It never seems like I get much time to read but the list showed me I read way more than I thought I did. That is a good thing.
I have checked my WIP list and decided what ones to move to the top instead of a new start. I just really want to finish all my WIP's so I pulled out a few, added any needed threads I might have borrowed out of the bag and now I am ready. I have a bunch of new things to start but I don't think I will for the first little bit of this year except for gift stitching. I have the January birthday gift done and need to pull fabric and thread for the February gift. I will post pictures after I give the gifts. I want to stay ahead on gifts this year as I do so love to stitch my gifts for my friends and my sister.
I downloaded some radio shows to my IPOD so I am ready to stitch. Hope you are having a great stitchy day.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Quiet evening spent at home watching old movies with my hubby. The boy child has gone out to a get together with his homeschool friends. Most of the kids are home from college for a few more days and this is an annual get together for them as they climb one of the local mountains and sled down the side. They have a New Years service at the stroke of midnight and go back to one of the families houses and warm up before driving home.
On this last evening of 2009 I wish for each of you lots of stitching time in 2010.
I am contemplating what I am going to work on tomorrow. I have spent the time I had today stitching on Sail Away. I have so many things clamoring for my attention I can't decide what I want to spend tomorrow stitching. New start? or one of the pile of WIP's that haven't seen the light of day in forever? I am on my way to see what the stitchy place has to offer. I did finish 2 smalls this week and they were a lot of fun. They are gifts so it will be a while before I can share pictures of them.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from our house to yours.
Happy stitching, Marjo