Sunday, December 29, 2013

Final 2013 stitching update

I fully got away from the rotation this year. I got off on a bunch of tangents and have not made my way back to getting in line with the schedule. I have been very busy at work and am too tired to even pick up needle and thread when I get home. I did have a few small finishes that I shared with you a couple of posts prior to this one but not near as many as I wish I had gotten done.
Dorothy Walpole Scarlet Letter
This is my progress on Dorothy Walpole by Scarlet Letter. I fell in love with her when I first saw her and I enjoy every stitch. Too big to carry with me I can only stitch on her at home which limits the amount of time she gets. She is definitely my comfort stitch and I find myself trying to sneak in at least a few stitches around the others I am working on.

I am following the Shepherd's Bush stitch along for LHN monthly sheep virtues. I am behind on them. They are my travel piece as they are more portable. Loving it. I am not very far along but am enjoying the journey.
Sheep Virtues by LHN

Next is my bright cheerful Six Fat Men. This is fun. I have the ladies to do as well. We will see. This is definitely my sitting and waiting project so this may not show much more progress than when last I shared it.

Lizzie Kate 6 Fat Men
I am working on a set of the Bride's Tree Ornaments for my son and his fiancee for their first Christmas together. I am enjoying stitching  them though I had to wait for the rest of the threads to be able to move on. That is the worst thing about living where I do. No ability to go get what I need when I have time to use it. Though  I must admit how blessed I am to be able to contact my favorite shops and they are willing to help, always.

Bride's Tree Ornament Home by Brooke's Books
His fiance wants me to stitch a map of the US as a wedding sampler. I finally with some help from Cathy at Inspired Needle got some fabric that will work and the DMC's from stash or Joann's I have started. The only problem is she really wants the state of Alaska to be in the correct geographical position on the map so I have had to chart that in myself. Won't be perfect but close at least. I hope. I had some input from designer of the graph and so I am working on that. It will have to be my must stitch piece and all else will be on the back burner in order for it to get done in time for their next summer wedding. Wish me luck on this one......

So that is the progress on the stitching front. Not bad considering how little stitching time there is in my day. No where close to the rotation I started the year off intending to stitch but all from my stash except the map. It will all come.

Thanks for stopping by and as always hope you find some stitchy time in your day. Marjo